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Looking for some cute Loungewear?

Evie la Luve sells some of my top favourite lingerie and lounge-wear patterns. Not only are you going to find some of the cutest undie patterns ever in Hannah's shop, but you'll be able to tackle any of her patterns with confidence with a little help from her extensive library of YouTube tutorials - even if you're a beginner. 

After dozens of failed attempts, the Evie la Luve Lyla Thong was my first pair of successfully-made underwear, so I'm confident these patterns are the right choice for any skill level. 

Top 3 Favourite Evie la Luve Patterns

  1.  The Frankie Pantie
     Forty options, one pattern. This is the only bikinni-cut undie pattern you'll ever need. 
  2. Lexi Chic Boxers
    My #1 favourite scrap busting project. I've made five of these shorts for around the house and have never felt cuter in my PJs.
  3. Lyla Thong
    If you'd like to add some variety to your all Frankie-panty wardrobe, this thong pattern is a nice addition. The best part is that contrast details can be sewn in woven to perfectly match your woven bras. 

My all-Time Favourite Evie La Luve Makes

Click through the image to shop your new favourite patterns.