Meet Rachel 


So I had this crazy idea... 

That sewing didn't have to be kitschy. It could be trendy, stylish, and perfect for a generation of young women that crave individual expression and unique personal touches.

It could be our creative outlet.
Our bonding experience.
Our fashion freedom. 

Maker Style was created to be an inspiration destination for young people looking to embrace a fearlessly creative lifestyle. And lets be clear, this isn't your nana's type of crafting. No way. This is modern, sexy, and fun crafting.

If you have ever been curious about learning a craft, the time is now. It's not about being perfect, it's about creating something wonderful and enjoying the process of it! Come jump into your new hobby with me and join a community of young makers looking to make life a little more handmade. You'll make some friends, and have some smiles - I promise you!

My name is Rachel, and I'm the girl behind this blog. My goal is to educated, inspire, and empower other young people to learn how to make awesome things. I'm twenty-one, living in Waterloo, Ontario, devoting every spare minute I'm not studying public relations to making the world a little more handmade. I love quality time with my cats, drinking way too much coffee, and watching cheesy comedies with my boyfriend, Wyatt. 

Want to jump in? Check out the blog, or the podcast below!