Podcasts 101

Welcome to the podcasts 101 guide! I'm going to show you the ins and outs of what podcasts are and hopefully convince you of their awesomeness by the end of the page. 

Today we'll be covering: 

  1. What exactly a podcast is
  2. Where you can listen to them
  3. How you can easily download them to listen virtually anywhere
  4. How you can leave a review to show me some show love!

So, What's a Podcast, Anyways?

Podcasts are basically online talk radio shows. The cool thing is that anyone can publish a podcast on anything, meaning there are tones of diverse shows for every interest - including apparel sewing! They're free to listen and enjoy, making them one of the best forms of entertainment EVER. 

Where Can You Listen?

If you're not already on the podcast bandwagon, you're probably wondering who has time to sit around and listen to online radio shows - I feel you on that! I can barely find time to get behind my machine and sew, let alone sit around idly and listen to something. 

But the cool thing about podcasts is that although they are audio files published on the internet, they're also available for download either on the podcaster's website OR through an app like iTunes or Stitcher (Android). Since the file size is really tiny, you can fit a bunch on your phone and take them ANYWHERE. 

Since you don't have to watch anything while listening to a podcast, they're perfect for keeping you company as you go through your day. 

Ten Times in Your Day Perfect for Listening to Podcasts

  1. While sewing. Because, obviously! 
  2. While driving or on transit. Long commutes fly by in a flash when you've got company. 
  3. While cleaning your house. Take your mind off the gross scrubbing. 
  4. While strolling around your neighborhood. Enjoy the sights and sounds with me to keep your company. 
  5. While in the shower. As an added bonus, if you know an episode is always a certain length it can help you time your showers in morning!
  6. While working. If you like to listen to the radio at work, podcasts are a great alternative! 
  7. While grocery shopping. Block out the sounds of crying kiddos (while sending their moms a smile in solidarity) and enjoy getting your groceries.
  8. While waiting for an appointment. Why flip through year-old magazines when you can listen to sewing chats?
  9. While making supper. Chop to the beat of the conversation (or don't... just watch what you're doing!)
  10. While working out. Incentivize yourself to sweat by saving your favourite shows for the gym. 

Clearly, there are very few parts of your day that can't be improved by listening to a podcast. 

How to Download a Podcast for Offline Listening

Regardless of if you have an Android or Apple, you can get a free app that will allow you to download and listen to podcasts on the go! 

  • If you have an iPhone a podcast app comes standard on your phone
  • If you have an Android you'll have to download an app. I recommend Stitcher

Once you have an app, the process for finding a podcast, subscribing, and downloading episodes for free is really easy. Here's a step by step on iPhone - but the process is the same on both!


What Are You waiting For, Friend?