Welcoming Men into the Sewing Space with Julian from Julian Creates // EP36

Julian Creates

I started sewing blogging largely because I wanted to show that younger people can sew. I wanted to build a community where young women, particularly high school and college-aged, really saw themselves reflected and would think, "Maybe I could give this sewing thing a try?" Sewing has transformed my confidence, and with that my life, too. I want to share that goodness with others. 

While the Maker Style community has grown larger than my initial target, welcoming new people into the sewing community and helping them build relationships is still one of the driving forces behind what I do here at Maker Style. 

Today we're going to be talking about inclusive in the sewing community and barriers that might be in place that discourage people for trying sewing for the first time. 

Our guest today is Julian Cordell from Julian Creates. Julian will be sharing his experiences sewing in a predominantly-female online community and ways we can help engage more men in the awesomeness of sewing.

We discuss how it's often assumed than men don't sew, which can make it harder for men to get involved in the craft - How many pattern companies, indie or traditional, even carry men's patterns? What about stylish ones? Even in my intro I assume this show is just going to be for "hanging out with your girlfriends" which certainly isn't the most welcoming opening statement for men in the sewing community - This conversation really gave me some great insight on ways that I can be more welcoming on Maker Style.

Outside of talking about how we can help welcome more men into our awesome sewing community, we also talked about how Julian has found the community really welcoming and some of the super cool sewing projects he's been working on lately. 

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Show Notes

Check out Julian's Easter Spring Dress Entry 

Male Pattern Boldness,  Line of Selvage,  Japanese Pattern Challenge, Gentleman Jim Tailor and Thin Man Sewing are all awesome sewing blogs/vlogs by men that Julian recommends. 

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