Introducing Blogger Blueprint // EP37

Over the last six months I've been working on something big. 

Big, big. 

It's called blogger blueprint. It's a podcast series dedicated to answering the most frequently asked questions people have about starting a sewing blog so that they can fight fear and join in on the fun. 

It took me two years get the courage to start a sewing blog, and my hope is this series will help cut that time down for other dress makers who want to give blogging a go. Because the truth is, I love sewing blogging even more than I love sewing (which is saying a lot). It has allowed me to connect and make friends with so many amazing makers who encourage, uplift, and inspire me every day. It's kept me dedicated to this craft and obsessed with sewing. 

And I want to share that joy with other people. 

So back in February I reached out to my email list to see if anyone would be interested in joining a focus group about blogging. I was specifically looking for people who wanted to blog but haven't started yet or people who did blog but were looking for tips to improve it. In total 20 people let me in on their biggest questions about blogging (thanks again guys, you are the BEST). 

With these questions in mind, I reached out to some of my favourite sewing bloggers who might have some insights, advice, lessons learnt, or questions of their own on this topic. These ladies weighed in on all things branding, websites, content, photos, and growth. Then I spliced up all these mini-interviews into information hubs on the subject for you to enjoy! So instead of our usual one-guest-one-topic format, we're doing many guests one topic!

So for the next five weeks, here's our podcast schedule:
Tuesday the 4th - Branding
Monday the 10th - Websites
Monday the 17th - Content
Monday the 24th  - Pictures
Monday the 31st - Growth

And you'll be hearing from the following guests:
Sara from the Sara Project
Kelli from True Bias
Allie from Allie J
Gillian from Crafting a Rainbow
Emily from Self Assembly Required
Beth from Sew DIY
Yasmeen from YM Sews
Saki from Saki Jane

IN ADDITION: Every Thursday I will be sharing a mini-episode talking about my personal take and lessons learnt on each subject. I'll be lifting up the curtain a little bit and sharing what I wish I would have learnt sooner and what I'm still wondering right now. 

This project has been a huge labour of love. A huge thank you to everyone who has encouraged me while working on this project! 

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