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If I had to make a list of the people who were revolutionizing the indie sewing game, you can bet your bottom dollar that Allie from Indie Sew would be at the very tip-top of my list. 

If you haven't heard, Indie Sew is an amazing marketplace that gathers indie sewing patterns from all of your favourite makers into an easy-to-use, searchable shop. It's an amazing way to find new designers you haven't heard of and the perfect way to find the exact pattern you want. In addition to this pretty extensive pattern shop service, Indie Sew also offers beautifully curated fabric collections, and a really cool way for customers to share their creations with the Indie Sew community. 

Having all these amazing indie designers centralized in one place totally changes the way we shop for indie patterns, which in my humble opinion, makes her an industry leader. Having Allie on the show to talk about the behind-the-scenes of her sewing small business was one of the very first topics I had in mind once I started coming up with ideas for the show, so I am completely stoked - and a little starstruck - that she decided to come on the show and share more about her work with us. 

Allie was so genuine, open, and honest about the what sewing entrepreneurship looks like. She shared so much about the challenges she faces, but also the joy she feels, and left me leaving our interview feeling like any dream in the world is possible with hard work. 

I know she'll make you feel that way too. Her drive is contagious. 

Today is a very exciting day for Indie Sew and Allie because it marks the debut of their Fall 2016 collection, with a new fabric collection launching as well as a curated collection of beautiful indie fall patterns to try - one of which being the very first Allie Olson design

That's right, Allie has jumped in head first into pattern designing, and the pattern comes out TODAY!!!

I won't spoil any of the details - she fills us in on everything in the episode. But before you go and give it a listen, here are five fast facts about Allie!

Coffee or Tea?
Tea! Lots of it. 

Android or Apple?
Apple, always. 

Knits or Wovens?
Knits. Comfort is king. 
(Sidenote: You've got that right, friend)

Sew something slow, or finish a project in an afternoon?
Finish a project in an afternoon.

Sew something new, or a tried and true pattern?
Something new!

Talking with Allie was such an awesome experience, I know for certain you're just going to LOVE the episode. It's truly wonderful to hear the real stories behind sewing small business. Was there anything in this episode that surprised you? Do you have any stories to share from your own sewing small business?  Comment below or use the hashtag #MakerStylePodcast to join in on the conversation. 

Until next time, 


(PS: Those fabrics in the picture up top? Indie Sew Fall collection, baby! Aren't they gorgeous?)