Hamburger Scout Tee

What is fashion if its not fun?

Believe it or not, I do sew with patterns that aren't Grainline Studio. Sometimes. Jen just has this knack for making simple patterns that work for real life, and the Scout Tee is no exception. This simple woven-tee fills an important niche in my pattern collection, a comfy everyday shirt that can be made with easy to find fabrics.

This hamburger print quilting cotton jumped out at me in Fabricland. Its soft, cheap and fun. Usually, I wouldn't choose a quilting cotton for apparel projects, but the Scout pattern works well with it. I'm really happy with the overall look of this tee!

Pattern Notes: - The pattern runs from size 0-18 - I cut a size 0, and didn't have to do a FBA. The shirt would fit nicer if I did, but it wasn't necessary to achieve a satisfactory fit. In an ideal world, I would make a 00 with a FBA. (Jen please expand your size range, do it for me) - The neckline is finished with a bias facing, which is nice, but I really struggled to get it to lay flat. That's just my user error though. - This was the very first time I set-in woven sleeves, but with Jen's instructions the whole process went very smoothly.

This is the first of many Scout variations to come. I loved how easy this pattern is to make, and the simple constructions makes it a great canvas for fun patterns and design elements.

I hope you enjoyed taking a look at my newest tee!