Love to DIY? Here's 3 Reasons Why You Need to Join Kollabora.

Move over Pinterest, there's a new social media made just for people who love to create!

Kollabora is a new social media platform designed for makers. It combines the best elements of Pinterest and Craftsy into a sleek and easy to use website. The goal of Kollabora is to connect people that love to DIY so they can learn new skills and share their projects. If you love to make, here's a few reasons why you'll love using Kollabora:

1) Kollabora is geared towards the crafting community. What makes Kollabora so useful for makers is it's ability to sort projects by their crafting community. If you knit, you can browse knitting projects without seeing anything else. And almost every type of craft you can think of is represented, from paper-craft, to weaving, to quilting, so you're bound to find some projects that you like.

In addition to picking your community, you can also pick which types of projects you're looking for. It's so easy to refine your search and find inspiration for your next project.

2) Kollabora makes it easy to learn a new craft for free If you're inspired to try a new craft, Kollabora has all of the information you need to start. They have plenty of tutorials from how to felt wool, to how to troubleshoot a finicky overlock machine. And if for whatever reason you get stuck along the way, you can post your project process to get feedback from the community.

3)Stay connected with others is easier than ever Kollabora has been designed with social connectivity in mind. Users can follow their favorite makers, and save their favorite projects in collections. The website has also been set up to allow users to link back to their blogs with ease in project posts. This makes it simple to find new blogs to follow on your favorite RSS reader.

Kollabora is making big waves in the DIY community, and I am really enjoying finding new projects and inspiration there.