How to use Instagram Effectively as a Sewing Blogger with Beth from Sew DIY

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I think you would be hard-pressed to find a sewist who didn't think Instagram was the sewing community's favourite social media. Let's face it, we're creative, visual people who would rather look it pretty things than read them. As a result, Instagram is a hugely important part of sewing blogging, sewing small business, and getting involved with the online sewing community. 

Since it's so important to our community it's an important platform to learn how to use effectively. If you're working to grow your audience and become more engaging on Instagram, you're in the right place. Beth from Sew DIY, one of the most iconic and popular sewing bloggers on Instagram, is here today to share some tips on how to use this platform more effectively. 

Now please, let me be clear, you so do NOT have to follow these tips if you don't want to. If you use Instagram purely for fun, and not for business, these tips might not even be applicable to you. 


If you want to grow a following, engage your followers, and develop a clearly branded style than this episode is going to give you so many of the tools you need to get there. Beth is an expert in Instagram, if you've ever checked out the sewing related stuff there I will guarantee you've seen (and more than likely double-tapped) her posts before. 

 Before you jump into the episode, here's five fast facts about Beth:

 Coffee or Tea?
 Coffee. I enjoy but I have to have a cup of coffee every day or else I don’t feel quite right. 

Android or Apple?
Apple. As a graphic designer, it’s the platform of choice. 

Knits or Wovens?
This is a tough one! I like to sew wovens best but I like to wear knits more.

Sew something slow, of finish a project in an afternoon? 
Finish a project in an afternoon. I tend to become frustrated and impatient with slow projects. I’d like to work on learning to appreciate a slow project though. 

Sew something new, or a tried and true pattern?
Something new. I enjoy trying new patterns because I feel like I always learn something whether it be a new technique or how a particular style fits.

Beth really know's her stuff, and she was such a joy to chat with in the FIRST MAKER STYLE INTERVIEW, EVER. I know if you've got your eye on social media growth, you're going to love this episode. Plus she's giving out an AWESOME coupon code to podcast listeners, so go check it out. 

Did we miss any of your top tips? Let me know! Comment below or use the hashtag #MakerStylePodcast to join in on the conversation!

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