Introducing Twitch Creative - Will you Stream your Craft?


Cool things are happening to the crafting community, guys. Very, very, very cool things.

The wildly popular video game streaming website, Twitch, has officially opened up their platform to crafters under the Twitch Creative community. Sponsored by Adobe, Twitch hopes to integrate video streaming and community building with the creative process - All in real time!! What is Twitch? Twitch is the world's leading social video platform for gamers, where users can broadcast their gaming in real time. Viewers can watch the stream, and join a conversation in the videos chat room. This allows the viewers and the streamers to connect together and talk back and forth. You can use Twitch on your computer, or use their app on your apple or android phone.

Streamers can share information about themselves on their information page. They can also earn money by receiving subscriptions and donations to their channel.

Heres a little video that takes about how much of a big deal twitch is in the gaming community, check it out!


Examples of crafts that Twitch would like to broadcast on their platform: - Digital or physical painting - Customizing existing pieces - Sewing, knitting, or crocheting - Pearlers - Scrapbooking - Jewelry making - Glass blowing - Music composing - Cooking or baking your own recipes - Creative writing - Makeup art - Custom furniture creation/customization

What does this mean for my craft? This is such an exciting time for crafters, because Twitch is giving us the opportunity to connect, share and teach in real time. Being able to live-stream and chat with your viewers gives makers an opportunity for two-way communication that we haven't seen on other platforms.

How could I use twitch? As a viewer, you can find the creative section listed as a game category. You can filter the current broadcasts using community generated hashtags.

I envision this being an awesome way to connect informally with your community. For example, hosting events like a knitting and wine night, or a scrap booking afternoon, would be an awesome use of their interactive platform. I also see this as being really useful for teaching. Sewalongs and video tutorials would be well-suited to this type of platform!

I think this is a really exciting opportunity for the crafting community to connect like never before. What do you think? Will you be watching your fellow makers on Twitch?