is HERE!!

Bye Bye The Wild Stitch!

Big news!

After hearing your take on re-branding the blog, I've decided to make the switch to Now both the sewing blog and podcast have the same, easy-to-remember name. 

All of my social media handles, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest, have been changed to Maker Style too.

 If you're following me with an RSS feed like bloglovin', iTunes, Stitcher, etc. things should update automatically and you shouldn't have any problems receiving my latest posts. 

Please bare with me over the next couple of days while I continue to update links that have gotten broken in the switch, and PLEASE let me know if you find anything broken so I can fix it up!

It's so surreal to be changing everything over, but it feels like the right choice. I've got so many great makes, tutorials, and episodes planned for the year and this name feels like the perfect umbrella to contain it all in. It's so funny how almost a year ago exactly I had updated to Squarespace and my own .com and thought I would be set FOREVER - It's funny how much things can change in a year. 

(Can we also take a moment to reflect on how much my visual aesthetic has changed over the year? Woah)

Only infinite growth and lots of fun things from here! Thanks for coming along on this journey with me.