9 Hack Ideas for The Chalk + Notch Orchid Dress

Hey everyone! 

June is here, which means it’s Woven Dress month for Sew My Style!

I’ve been looking forward to this month all year long for a few reasons:

  • I’m leading this month for Sew My Style, so obviously I’m pretty hyped (PS: If you’re not taking part in Sew My Style, you should join us! We have some awesome coupon codes for all of our challenge patterns and give away some great prizes!)

  • Woven dresses are my favourite garments to sew

  • One of the options, Chalk and Notch’s Orchid Dress, has been on my to-sew list ever since it’s released

So in spirit of Woven Dress Month, I’ve put together a list of 9 different hack ideas that you could incorporate into your Orchid Dress make this month. I’m planning on doing a tutorial on one of these hacks, so be sure to let me know which is your favourites down below!



Statement sleeves are NOTHING new, but I’m sure as heck not sick of this trend. Since the Orchid has a classic silhouette, it’s the perfect backdrop for a trendier addition, like statement sleeves. Changing up the sleeve is also a great way to transform this pattern from a summer staple to a winter favourite. Take that third picture, the one with the puffed sleeves, wouldn’t that look stunning with a pair of tights in the fall?



As written, the Orchid Dress has a super-sleek drawstring at the waist for definition - but if you’re looking to add an extra element to your dress, a fun tie would be a great place to start. I’ve seen some pretty bold ties in RTW wrap dresses, like super-long ties that wrap around the waist multiple time for added definition, or chunky built-in belts, but if that’s not your style a simple skinny waist tie at the side would look super cute.


Is there anything more summery than a beautiful ruffle on a wrap dress? No. I don’t think so.

If you want to add a ruffle to your Orchid Dress, you’ve got a couple of different options, but my top favourite ideas are adding a ruffle to the neckline and the hem. So sweet, feminine and summery!

Will You Hack The Orchid?

I’m always excited to put my own spin on a sewing pattern, so I’m planning to sew up a hack of the Orchid… but I’m not sure which of my ideas I’ll incorporate just yet!

Did you have any favourites from the ideas I shared above? Let me know and I might be able to incorporate them in an upcoming tutorial!