Seamwork Hayden: Projects that just didn't Work Out.


Hi Friends!

I'm sharing a project that just didn't work out the way I wanted it to. 

Bummer, I know. 

But I want this little website to be a place that celebrates the whole process of being creative, and that includes all the many failed projects that come along the way. Although its not perfect, or as pretty as most of the other projects I post, I hope you can learn from my mistakes!

So, without anymore chatter, here is my Hayden. 

What drew me into the Hayden was the incredible boxy crop-top silhouette. I love the casual, road-trip-ready vibe this pattern gave me, so I picked it up when it was released. 

I've mentioned before on the blog that sometimes Seamwork Magazine patterns don't work out for my body. A lot of the issues come from the fact that they don't really offer my pattern size (00, please?) and I try to make it work anyways. I also think they're patterns run a little large to begin with, I've made a Mabel skirt before that I had to take in inches even though it should have fit my hips fine. 

So this is a lot of user error on my part, and also I know from experience that my body isn't really the body for Colette's patterns. We don't jive the way I wish we could. Like star-crossed lovers.

But sometimes I can sew up a Seamwork pattern and it works like a dream. My two Catarina dresses (in this same pink paisley here, and in a modern grid here) and two and a half Savannah camis (in silk here, one unblogged and almost worn out, and one waiting to be sewn) are a testament to how RIGHT their patterns can be for me sometimes.

Honestly, most of what I've sewn this summer has been Seamwork. 

 I've come to realize, really, the common denominator is the straps. If I can adjust the straps to suit my smaller frame, we'll be A-OK. Otherwise?

We unfortunately get something like Hayden.

While most in most of these pictures this shirt looks okay, in real life it uncomfortably bunches and gathers on top of my bust. Its like an extra 2 inches of fabric like to hang out around my chest, just to be friends. 

Its the weirdest combination of needing a FBA, having the bust point too low (which rarely ever happens to me), and needing a smaller size around the shoulders. You can see a little bit of what's happening in the picture down below.

It's annoying, and a little funky looking, but I'm still trying to wear it out to get some use out of it. 

Construction-wise, I sewed up a 0 in the longer version. I made it with the remnants of my paisley Catarina dress, so some of the pieces (or most of the pieces, really) are cut terribly off grain. 


One thing that I thought was a little strange about this pattern was the bottom band - it's supposed to be cut on the bias. I cut mine out on the bias because I knew I wouldn't have enough fabric for a redo if it turned out the shirt needed the bias stretch... but it doesn't seem like it should. 

Does anyone know why this piece is cut out on the bias? Anyone?

I still really love the style lines of this tee. The princess seams, cap sleeves, and keyhole back all make this simple shape look very upscale and cool, even if my version isn't the greatest. I also love anything that gives me an excuse to fish out one of my heirloom buttons - so I'm a little biased. I haven't needed to use any since I made my View Ridge tank. 

But check out that blue beauty, isn't that just the perfect button for the back?

Nanners, who gifted me the beginnings of my humble button stash, would be really proud of this colour coordination. 

 I haven't seen many versions of this pattern in the blogosphere, and I'm really curious to see some other versions. Woven tees are THE BOMB, so there's no reason why people shouldn't be open to trying out this pattern. If you've made one, LINK ME PLEASE, I want to see all of the Haydens'!

Hopefully I'll see the Hayden of my dreams on some other lucky lady, but for now, I think I'll stick to my favourite Beatrix and Scout Tee's. 

This post has been pretty photo heavy, but I couldn't leave you for the week without sharing one last picture for the road... Enjoy this cat photo bomb by my little panther Stella. 

I hope this cute kitty gives you a smile that lasts all week long - I'll have a new make to share with you next Wednesday, and I hope to see you back then! 

(Maybe I'll bring Stella too)

Until next time!