Sewing Business Casual: Blue Pleated Pencil Skirt


Hey Friends! 

So remember at the beginning of the summer when I was like, "Hey, I've got an awesome internship and I'm going to sew a bunch of clothes for it and show you guys, stay tuned"? Well. Today is the last day of my internship, and I finally have my first piece to show you. 


But let me explain. 

I sewed like a WILD WOMAN during the few weeks I had off between school and work to make a capsule wardrobe for the office. I had a good batch of work clothes to share, mostly using the patterns I discussed here, all I needed was the perfect photo location. 


I've been trying to brainstorm a great, unique photo location since the beginning of May for this series, and I've seriously come up short. So I figured there is no time like right now, and I might as well share a few shots on the balcony than nothing at all. 

So here we go, friends. Sorry for the delay!!

One of the patterns I knew I needed for this capsule wardrobe was a nice pencil skirt to dress up or down. I LOVE wearing skirts - they're so comfy! And my long legs and small butt have made for a long, angry relationship with trying to find pants that fit. I'm talking serious beef. 

So I knew that a skirt was a total must when purchasing my capsule wardrobe patterns, so I bought Delia Create's Pleated Pencil Skirt, a $10 steal!

I love this pattern because the instructions are rock solid and super easy to follow, and sewing the kick pleat was genius - instead of the weird flap you usually see on pencil skirt patterns it's a pleat, hence the name. So super easy, and it doesn't flip out the wrong way. 

Love it!

This was also the world's easiest sew. FIY. No Complaints. 

I made another version of this skirt in a neutral colour that I'll be sharing in the weeks to come, but truthfully this blue baby got a lot more wear, which was super surprising. 

I think it comes down to the colour - this baby blue hue is SO ME. It's one of my favourite colours and it's super flattering on me. It pairs so well with so many of my other favourites, like this me made silk Seamwork Savannah Cami - I wore this exact same outfit with a brown cardi to work at least once a week. 

So delicious.

In terms of the skirt, I sewed it up in a size 0 in some stretch suiting from Fabricland. I like it enough, only it stains it wrinkles easier than I would like. Other than that though, its pretty perfect! 

There really isn't a whole lot more to say about this make. I love it, there will be more business casual to come, and I hope you enjoyed this post. 

Until next time!!