Summer Blues Fabric Haul

| Len's Mill Stores |

Hi Friends!

On Saturday I visited a new Len's Mill location I've never been to before. Along with finding the city's largest bucket of buttons, I also scored some awesome fabrics at great deals and figured I would show you!

I went in for plush underwire casing, and came out with 6 yards of fabric I didn't need. Average stuff around these parts. 

If you're not familiar with Len's Mill, it's a discount retailer selling lots of fabric all throughout Ontario. Unfortunately, they don't do online shopping, but I hope this post gives you some sewspiration!

100% Cotton Chambray - 4 yds/$4.99 yd. 

As soon as I walked into the store I saw a giant tub of this chambray, at least the size of my bathroom, overflowing with this overstock chambray. My friend Alecia had just asked me to recreate one of my RTW chambray dresses for her, so I knew I had to snap up the deal *Here's a sneak peak of my progress so far). 

I don't know how much you guys pay for your chambray, but its upwards of $20/M at Fabricland. This was a STEAL. 

I've used a probably 2 yds on Alecia's dress, and I'm thinking I'll use the other 2 on a fairfield button up for Wyatt (but please, don't ruin the surprise!) 

100% Cotton Gingham... Seersucker? Canvas? 1 yd/$6.99 yd 

Wow. Isn't this GORGEOUS? It reminds me of something Allie J. would rock. This was stored on the seersucker shelf, but it's a little thicker. The lady at the counter thought it was a canvas, but it doesn't seem thick enough for that. 

Regardless, it's incredible The epitome of easy late summer style. I'm thinking it will become a Nita Wrap Skirt if I can get it all to fit! 

Unknown Terry Knit - 1 yd /$5.99 yd

When I saw this I thought "Hemlock", so a Hemlock it will become. I've nearly worn out my OG Hemlock (which was actually my very first blogged garment almost a year ago... awwww!) but still wear it all the time (like right now as I'm typing this post), so I know it's time to make another version to wear thin this winter. This time I'll make sure to use lots of clear elastic to keep this new sweater looking BRAND NEW. 

What I love most about this fabric is that after washing it and drying it on high there is absolutely NO SIGN of piling! Looks like this is a good one!I'm a huge Hemlock fan, so I'm really excited to add a third to my collection, especially if the fabric is going to hold up nicely. You can see some earlier editions here! 

With an hour killed in a brand new fabric store and only 3 cuts brought home with me I feel pretty proud of my restraint this shopping trip. I hope this gets me in the mood for some back-to-school sewing, I start classes again in only two weeks!

Is anyone else getting ready for back-to-school, either for themselves or the kiddos? I'm certainly not excited to go back to hitting the books, so please, share your recent hauls and makes with me to cheer me up, would ya?