The Ultimate Photography Re-Do!

Hi Friends!!

Notice anything different around the blog today? All the photography has been updated to lovely DSLR quality (Ironicly, except for the photo above because it has my camera in the shot). That's right, gone are the days of taking photos of my makes with an iPhone. All the pictures of my makes are super bright, crisp and clear. YAY. 

I've got to share with you guys, this photography update is a huge personal success for me. I've been dipping my feet into blogging in some form or another for the last three years, and with the exception of this blog, all my previous attempts had failed because I was waaay too critical of my photography. 

I'm not a selfie kinda girl. I don't like being in front of the camera, it's not for me.  I'm also a humongous perfectionist. I don't like doing things unless I can do them perfectly. But the hard thing about being a blogger is that pictures of yourself are kinda essential,  and with very little confidence in myself sharing photos of myself online my dreams of participating in the creative blogger world seemed impossible. 

In August of 2015, I pushed out my inner perfectionist and decided to try and participate in the Sew Photo Hop on Instagram.  I wasn't happy at all with the quality of my pictures, but I just kept pushing them out there and trying.

I started having fun engaging with the sewing community and promised myself that if I kept blogging regularly until December I would use my savings to purchase a better camera. One thing leads to another, and here we are! February 18th, 2016, with a blog full of BEAUTIFUL pictures of my makes I couldn't be prouder of. 

Check out my new updated photos down below! 

Posts Effected:

Cozy Hemlock Sweater
Hamburger Scout Tee
Sophisticated (and sexy) Wrap Dress
Black Seamwork Astoria
Classic Shift Dress - Lekala 5957
Sheer Envy: Mesh Layering Plantain

I hope these new photos makes it a little easier to see what I've made! What do you guys think?

Until next time,


Rachel A.Comment