Welcome to the Canada Cups - Cross your Heart Relay!!

Hey Friends!

I've been hinting about something fabulous coming down the pipes all week, and now I can FINALLY share what's been going on behind the scenes. 

This week, starting today, Canadian ladies are taking over the blogosphere with the Canada Cups - Cross your Heart Relay. This is a blog tour featuring 12 Canadian bloggers (including yours truly), each interviewing an awesome Canadian lingerie maker and reviewing one of Craftsy's lingerie making classes. It's going to be a week full of inspiration, helpful tips, and lots of jokes about boobs. 

So basically, the time of your life. 

If you've been even a little bit interested in learning how to make your own bras, undies, corsets - you name it - this is the PLACE TO START. We partnered with Craftsy to bring you guys lots of educational information about lingerie making, plus we have ladies with all different levels of skill tackling all different types of projects - so beginner or pro, you're going to learn something during this relay, promise!  

I'll be back on the tour Monday and Friday sharing an amazing interview with a Canadian bra-babe you won't want to miss, and a new bra make you're going to go crazy for. Until then, head on over to the Fairy Bra Mother's blog to start the relay! We're giving away amazing things and offering fabulous deals, so head on over there for ALL THE DETAILS! 

See ya there!


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