Welcoming 21

Woah guys, what a year. 

Today's my 21st birthday. I get to say goodbye to being 20 and hello to being 21 and welcome in all the fun little surprises that come along with growing up. Today's a good day to reflect on how I've changed since last year, and create a plan on how to take over the world before I turn 22. 

Just kidding. 

(Maybe only a little bit)

Really though, 20 was a big year for me. I changed schools, changed cities, changed programs, moved a what feels like a million times, got my own place with my boyfriend, started this blog, cut my hair, immediately regretted it, and got my first real job. 

- Whew - 

I started off my 20's by being pretty unsatisfied with where I was at, so I took a lot of big leaps of faith to try and fix that nagging feeling. These leaps of faith took me on a giant journey that's nowhere near over, but have been pretty dang exciting so far. This year I started SO MANY THINGS, and I'm exciting to reap the benefits of these new beginnings in the years to come. 

 I feel like I've done more growing up and self discovery than ever before, and I'm really happy with where I'm at.

 I think I'm the happiest now that I've ever been, and that's a pretty incredible feeling. 

I spent a lot of last year thinking about my values. What are my values? How do I show my values? How do I expect these values to change and grow as I do? And most important of all, how do I live a life that reflects these values? All of this thinking has lead me to understand who I am a little better and what direction I should take with my life. 

Its been pretty refreshing. 

Truthfully, I usually hate birthdays. They can bring out the worst in my perfectionist nature and cause me to get pretty upset with my "lack of progress", even if I've accomplished a lot. 

Does anyone else get that from birthdays? 

But this year, strangely enough, I feel really at peace with the passing of another year. For the first time, like, ever, I'm looking forward to the new year and seeing how I continue to grow and change. I think that's because agaisnt all odds, being 20 was the absolute bomb, and I'm ready to have even more years like this one. 

I guess what I've learnt in the end is that being fearless pays off. 

So whats in store for 21?

Keep being fearless as fuck.

With love, 


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