Why Reddit is a Great Tool for Crafters

Hi Friends!

I knew of Reddit long before I really understood what Reddit did, and I feel like that's the case with most of us. But the truth is that an amazing crafting community is hiding there, and you're going to love it once you discover it.

Reddit is a hard thing to describe to someone because it so immense. I think it's easier to think of reddit as a discussion platform rather than a website. Your experience is really shaped by the content you follow, just like instagram and pinterest.

Reddit hosts millions of discussion threads that are categorized by topic into subreddits. Once you find a subreddit you're interested in, you can browse all the discussions and content other users have posted. Its a really handy way to connect with people that share the same interests as you.

This video explains Reddit in a really clear and concise way and is actually what inspired me to try Reddit in the first place.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tlI022aUWQQ?rel=0&w=853&h=480]

If you're considering giving Reddit a try, here are a few subreddits that make excellent resources for crafters:

/r/sewing - A community for everything related to sewing! Ask for help, show your makes, and join a conversation. /r/sewhelp - A community designed specifically for helping sewists who are stuck. /r/fabrics - A community discussing everything to do with fabric. /r/quilting - A community for sharing quilting projects and learning about the craft. /r/memorykeeping - A community dedicated to preserving memories through scrapbooking and other photo crafts.

This list isn't even close to covering all the crafting communities on Reddit, but it's a nice place to start. I hope this post answers some of your questions about Reddit!

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