Slouchy Beatrix Blouse


Hi Friends, 

I've been hinting at this make for a few weeks now on instagram, but I've finally got the pictures together to show you one of my favourite recent makes: A rayon blouse made with Made by Rae's Beatrix Pattern. 

This shirt fits the criteria of being breezy enough for summer, looking bomb with a pair of jeans, and also being interesting enough to tuck in a pencil skirt at work. 

I'm really pleased with how its fitting into my wardrobe so far. 

It's no secret I have a small obsession with woven tee patterns. I love their versatility!

What stood out to me about the Beatrix is that it offers multi-cup sizing - anything that reduced the amount of flat pattern modification I need to do is a total win in my books. Things like shirttail hems and buttons are things I feel happy to hack into a pattern - but doing a FBA on a shirt without darts makes me cringe. 

So. Much. Work. 

I sewed up a size XS C/D with the hem of view A and the button placket of view B (sounds confusing, but it's actually the exact same way Rae makes the blouse during her sewalong). I ditched the buttons because I can't find the perfect ones, but I'm sure I'll add them on another time - For now the back is just based together on the placket seams. 

Construction is insanely simple, almost too easy to be true, and I finished it easily in the same afternoon I started the project. I followed her sewalong instead of the instructions, and love how clear and easy to follow it was! Rae's patterns are on the more expensive side, but I really felt like I got my money's worth with all the resources she gave. 

I used a gorgeous Rayon Ikat print from fabricland - you can see the same fabric being used by Anya for pants here.

This print is slowly, but surely, taking over the WORLD. 

No Joke. 

After making three scout tee's (One blush coloured here, one hamburger print here, and one unblogged in black and white gingham) and never being 100% satisfied with the fit, I knew I needed to branch out and try another pattern. I really needed some bust darts to shape my figure. 

Does the Beatrix solve all my fit problems? No. The back is a little too baggy for my liking (do I need a sway-back adjustment?!). But, the multiple cup sizes has given me a fit that's closer to my ideal with minimum effort on my part. 


I'm sure many of you are asking: which is better, the Scout or the Beatrix?

Truthfully, it might be too soon to tell. 

I've made three scouts, and have a fourth cut out - I've got a lot of experience with the pattern. It's cheaper than Beatrix, but simpler. It also comes in a wider range of sizes, but no multi-cup sizing. 

So far I've made two and a half Beatrix's (one's unfinished, the other is coming soon), but never put the buttons on or made the shirt exactly as the instructions specified. It's a little more expensive, but gives you more options. The facings and plackets make this blouse a little more intricate to make, and a little more interesting to look at. Also it includes my all-time favourite feature, multi-cup sizing. 

I think the true test will be seeing which of the two patterns I continue to reach for - I'll be sure to update you once I know. 

That's about all I have to say about my first Beatrix Blouse. I hope you've enjoyed reading about it. 

Next week I have two makes ready to show you: Another rayon Beatrix blouse, or a Noelle Bra hacked into a dress. Which do you guys want to see first? Let me know below!!