How to Repurpose Lingerie Patterns into day-wear


In my humble opinion, if you're investing in pattern you better be making it all the dang time. Not only is it much more economical, you're also SO MUCH FASTER at sewing a pattern the second or third time around. Simple items like shirts and skirts are easy to hack and make multiple looks out of one item, making them super versatile and great for building a capsule pattern collection.

Lingerie patterns on the other hand can be tricky. Their shape often can't be modified into something suitable for every day. 

I mean, this is our underwear that were talking about, after all. 

But, that's not to say we can't get creative and MAKE IT WORK. 

And let's keep it real, I'm not suggesting you walk out in a lace bra and call it a top. Like, you probably can't hack the Watson Bra into your new favourite shirt.

 I'm all for keeping things a little more modest.

 But some lingerie patterns can be pretty versatile in their design. Maybe because they're offering more coverage, or maybe because their designed to be more lounge-y rather than supportive and foundational.

If you've seen a lingerie pattern that you think could transform from underthing to overthing, here are my TOP TIPS for making the switch. Coincidentally, I used all these tips on my Noelle Crop Top from earlier this week. 

Its SO easy to turn your favourite lingerie pattern into day-wear. Click through to find out how!

1) Think Fabric First. 

More often than not, its the fabric that gives a garment its personality, not the design - As sewists, we know this better than anyone else. 

Simply put, everyday fabric is going to make this bra look like an everyday shirt. I used a quilted knit here from Fabricland, but I think a ponte would equally gorgeous.

This print is totally suitable for day-wear so it makes the top look like day-wear, but imagine how this same pattern would look in a sheer stretch-lace? That's gonna look more like a bra. Which brings us to our next point:

2) ditch the dainty things

Lingerie is supposed to be sexy and feminine, so it's often covered in dainty little elements like bows, lace, and frills. 

When you're transitioning a pattern from lingerie to day-wear, you might way to steer clear of these elements, or at the very least be careful about how you use them. 

One simple way you can do this is by choosing fold-over-elastic (FOE) instead of pretty plush picot elastic to finish your edges. FOE is a little less delicate, and a little more sporty, so it takes the garment away from the lingerie direction. You can see the huge impact FOE can make by checking out more pictures of my Noelle bra. 

I'm not your mother, or the sewing rule maker, so this DOESN'T mean you can't use some girly elements in your pieces - You just need to be careful about it! My next Noelle is going to be made with some stretch lace. I'm toning the dainty-factor down by lining it for full coverage, and choosing FOE instead of picot elastic. 

3) Remeber: you are the designer!

Think the cute little sleep shorts pattern you have is too short to wear out of the house?

Slash the pattern and add some length! 

Think that cami pattern you have is too low-cut for the world to see?

Add a simple modesty panel!

Think the dreamy romper pattern you have gapes too much at the chest for day-wear?

Tack it into place!

A lot of the problems that are stopping you from wearing your lingerie patterns out into the world can be solved by getting CREATIVE and doing some designing - and that's the fun stuff, anyways. 

I hope this post has inspired you to think of turning some of your lingerie pattern staples into day-wear pieces! I know these are some techniques I'll be using to make the most out of my pattern stash. 

So friends, tell me, would you dare to hack your lingerie favourites into day-wear essentials? Lets talk about it down below!