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I can't get enough of rad girl bosses who are breaking out of the mold and doing amazing things. 

Hélène, our guest today on the Maker Style Podcast, is one of those girl bosses. 

She's a software developer (YAY women in STEM!!) who left everything behind with her husband to live, work, and travel the world as nomads (so cool!!). She spent a couple of months developing a sewing app, Meet Cora, from scratch in her spare time, and she's on the show today to tell is a little bit about what that process was like. 

Hélène is so amazing at breaking down the extremely technical parts of building an app into easy-to-understand little tidbits of information that you DEFINITELY DO NOT need a background in computer science to understand. It was such an interesting chat where I picked up a little bit of an understanding about making an app I wouldn't have found on my own. She also told me lots about what the Cora app can do for sewists. When we were filming this I was in a little bit of a time crunch to get to class on time, but we could have talked for hours.

Before you dive into the episode, here are five fast facts about Hélène!

Coffee or Tea?
Earl Gray with a splash of milk, iced when it’s hot out! I used to drink a lot of coffee in college because of Seattle peer pressure but one day I realized it made me feel really jittery so I cut it out of my life.

Android or Apple?
I do love my iPhone. I think no one does user experience quite as well as Apple does.

Knits or Wovens?
All knits, all the time! I’m all about comfort and drape.

Sew something slow, of finish a project in an afternoon? 
I used to like tackling complex projects with lots of details but these days my sewing time is limited so I’m grateful for simple patterns that I can pull together quickly.

Sew something new, or a tried and true pattern?
Tried and true patterns are so satisfying to sew but I have to admit I’m too often tempted by the next shiny thing!

I had so much fun learning about apps with Hélène! Do you use any sewing tech to help out your sewing? Comment below or use the hashtag #MakerStylePodcast to join in on the conversation!

Until next time,