The Seamstress Tag

Here's a little more about me, in case you were dying to know. 

Hey everyone!

I was tagged by the lovely Jenny from Ms. Jenny Homemaker to share a little bit about myself in the seamstress tag. Here are my answers! 

PS: The outfit below? 100% me made and coming to the blog real soon. 


My name is Rachel. I live in Waterloo, Ontario with my two kitties and boyfriend. I'm in the second year of a bachelor of public relations program and started this blog to improve my writing skills and show employers my social media skills are top notch while chatting about something I love. 

(all I want to do is get hired after I graduate... and/or sew all day)


I started sewing when I was 15. Finding clothes that fit my lanky, curveless self on a tight budget was impossible. Pants that fit my leg length were scarce, and the rare pair I did find were clearly made for women with booty (which, let's face it, is not something I have). Being 15 is hard enough as it is, but not being able to find clothes that fit did a number on my self-confidence. I just wanted to be glamourous, curvy, and womanly instead of still having the body-shape I had as a kid. 

After trying everything, from covering flood-pants up with thick high socks, wearing leggings under my pants to help pad out my dress pants to fit, and wearing boots with every pair of pants to hide my exposed ankles I gave up on pants entirely in favour of skirts/dresses with tights. Of course, the skirts were always too short, which eventually led to me sewing my own so I could customize the length. 

Once I started sewing and discovering more about fit I couldn't stop. A few years into sewing I realized that I actually don't really fit into the clothing size chart for most women's retailers, or even most women's patterns. I've just got a tiny bone structure, I guess. Once I made this realization and started making the right fit adjustments I felt infinitely more confident about my body. Clothing stopped hanging off of me like sack, and suddenly I was looking and feeling like the glamourous, womanly person I always dreamed of being without my body changing at all. 

It's amazing what properly fitting clothes will do to your self-confidence, guys. 

Now I'm hooked on sewing for life.


Making my first bra was a game changer, mostly because now I never have to go bra shopping in the mall ever again. 

Seriously, the less time I have to spend in that place, the better. 

My hacked up bolyston (above) is the one I wear nearly every day and I've been meaning to drive up to Bra Makers Supply to buy some more materials to sew up a few more. With all the bra-making festivities surrounding the Maker Style Bra Making Month I have the perfect excuse to add a few more pieces to my wardrobe. I just bought two new patterns today, so wish me luck!


My most disastrous make is hard to narrow down, there are a lot of contenders.

I would really consider anything I made from 15-17 to be a disaster, in all honesty. Because of the fit challenges I mentioned earlier, most commercial patterns give me major issues all over. As a beginner seamstress I had no idea how to tackle the modifications I needed, or even that I needed them at all, so for a while I gave up on patterns and learnt to DIY draft my own on less-than-specific tutorials and videos on YouTube. 

Needless to say, the learning curve was steep and the first few years were rocky, but I'm really happy I stuck it out. 

5) Where is your favourite place to go fabric shopping?

This is another area that I'm undecided on. Recently I made the decision to stop buying low-quality fabrics and I'm still navigating where I'm going to buy my fabrics from now on. Right now I'm still going to Fabricland and Len's Mill but paying more attention to the fiber content before I buy. This year I would like to experiment with new fabric stores in my local area, hit up the fabric district in other nearby cities, and try some new online stores for better options. Hopefully this time next year I'll have a concrete favourite to share!


I'm a serious, serial pattern repeater.

(Mostly because I'm a broke kid in College)

I've been loving my self-drafted patterns the most lately, I've made three different versions of my turtleneck pattern since I drafted it in October and I'm really happy with them. I'm also sucker for basics I can make out of woven fabrics, tee-shirts, camis, etc. Patterns like the Beatrix, Savannah, Scout, Catarina, and Odgen get a workout in my wardrobe.

7) Your most Dreaded Sewing Task Is...

Hemming. Always hemming. 

8) And your favorite sewing task?

I'm not sure if this qualifies as a "task" but the moment were a garment is finished enough that you can throw it on and wear it for the first time. Maybe there closures aren't sewn in yet, and the hem is undone, but you get to swoosh around in your latest creation and marvel at the thing that you made. 

That moment of excitement is my favourite part of sewing. 

(I'm also really guilty of wearing these half-baked projects around the house because I'm excited. I'm actually doing that right now with the bra I'm wearing - it's just basted together at the back and it's missing the straps but I'm extraordinarily comfy so who cares?)

9) What is your favorite 'sewing entertainment'?

Podcasts... Obviously! ;)

Right now I'm obsessed with Young House Love has a Podcast. They talk design, home stuff, and blogging. Their show makes me want to become a better, more fun podcaster. 

Go listen, you won't be disappointed. 

10) Printed or PDF?

PDF. Hands down. 

I get a little nervous with printed patterns, even if the project is a total breeze. I think it might relate back to how so many of my failed projects in my early sewing days were with big-four printed patterns, my mind must subconsciously associate the printed patterns with imminent disaster. 

I get a similar feeling when looking at pattern instructions for more traditional brands of PDF patterns (like Named, for example). Maybe it's the illustrations I don't like? I must say, I love a good sewalong, and typically don't buy a pattern without the step-by-step hand holding they offer - even if I don't need it. 

Isn't it funny how your brain works?

11) What Sewing Machine do you use?

My regular sewing machine is a Singer I got from my nana. I can't find the model number anywhere, but it's just an entry level model from Wal-Mart. My serger is a Brother DZ 1234.


I LOVE to cook! I've been gluten and dairy-free for the past eight years so I've had plenty of time to practice making restaurant-inspired dishes at home. Plus I come from a long line of scratch-cooks, so it's surprise I love spending time in the kitchen. 

Today I knocked off Campbell's and made DF cream of tomato soup. It was just as delicious as it sounds. 

That's it for me!

This is the part of the post where I tag some seamstresses I want to hear from. 

But I'm going to do this a little differently. 

Instead of naming off a list of bloggers, I'm challenging anyone who is reading who has considered blogging but haven't taken the plunge yet to complete the tag. Write it in the comments, put it on Instagram, or - if you're feeling super daring - throw it up on your blog as the very first post. 

I love meeting you guys, so please humour me and say hi!

If you're interested, here are the questions:

1) Who are you?
) When & why did you start sewing?
3) What is your favorite or proudest make?
4) What is your most disastrous make?
5) Where is your favorite place to go fabric shopping?
6) What is your most used pattern?
7) Your most dreaded sewing task is...
8) And your favorite sewing task?
9) What is your favorite 'sewing entertainment'?
10) Printed or PDF?
11) What sewing machine do you use?
12) Do you have any other hobbies?