Cozy, Classic Turtleneck

Grainline Hemlock | Len's Mill Stores

Hey friends! 

Is it cold outside or what? Brrr! 

I've been cuddling up in layers of cozy knits in hopes of staying warm during our first cold snap this fall. It's only just a taste of what's to come, but I've experienced enough cold already to know I'm ready for summer again. 

Unfortunately, winter is coming and there is nothing I can do about it. So I needed a cozy, tried and true make to get me through September with a smile on my face.

As a result, this cozy, classic, turtleneck was born. 

While I haven't made a turtleneck like this before and shared it on the blog, the base of this pattern is something you've seen many times - the Grainline Hemlock Sweater! I chose the Hemlock for this project because I know the pattern and fit inside out. This is my third version, and I'm confident hacking it up to fit this seasons style. It's a total TNT pattern and a great freebie to have in your collection.

To hack this pattern into this cozy turtleneck style, I took an inch of the centre front and centre back to tighten up the boxy fit of this garment. The length of both the body and sleeves was shorted a few inches since I was trying to squeeze this make onto a measly 1 yd remnant that shrunk up to nothing in the washer. I also raised up the neckline to make it more suitable for adding on a turtleneck.  

Adding the turtleneck was a total breeze, but I don't want to rush the instructions for you guys, so I'll be back on Friday with a detailed tutorial for you to enjoy - so hang tight for now :)

Since this look was made with one of my TNT patterns, I decided to submit it to Allie J.'s social sew. If you're looking for some inspiration, or just curious to see what everyone else's TNT patterns are, check out her roundup below!  

PS: as a side note, yesterday marked one year since we adopted our little Stell. Happy birthday, kitty!