Three Makes I'm Still Crazy About: Fall 2016

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Hey Everyone!

The unfortunate nature of blogging means I talk a lot about what's new and not a lot about what's old and awesome. 

So today we're changing it up. 

I wanted to share three makes that I've had in my closet for at least two months that I still wear all the time. 

We're past the honeymoon stage, and into full-blown true love, people. 

I think it's important to reflect on the things you like to wear often in order to really hone in on your style. If you're slowly building a handmade wardrobe, you probably don't want to be wasting your time and money sewing up things you're never going to wear - right? Keeping tabs on what I love helps me figure out how to make more of what I love.
Total win! 

Not to mention, I think I'm in the middle of a style transition. So many pieces in my wardrobe are relics from my high school career/emo rock days that really don't fit who I am anymore. The band tee/circle skirt/coloured tights/chunky shoes look is out for good. In the wake of this personal transition, I need to take a careful look at what I'm wearing to decide what I love now. 

So, lately, these have been the makes that have dominated my personal style (from left to right):

  1. Slouchy Beatrix Blouse
  2. Cozy Hemlock Tee
  3. Insides-Out Beatrix Blouse

So what do all of these makes have in common? Loose fit and delicious fabric. As much as I love well-fitting, tailored pieces, they don't fit anywhere in my student lifestyle. For every day, I need to keep it casual with extra special fabrics, like soft floaty rayon I'll wear again and again. This tells me for future sewing I need to keep it loose and casual. 

What are your old favourites? Does this tell you anything about your wardrobe needs and style? Let's talk about it down below!

Until next time,