Deep Red Set

Jasmine Bra | Lyla Undies

This bra set is extremely exciting for two reasons.

  1. This set marks the completion of my very first successful pair of undies. I made undies that are actually comfy, fit, and I like wearing - YAY!
  2. This set is the first set I've made using this new colour scheme I developed for my capsule lingerie drawer (capsule lingerie drawer?! More on that tomorrow ;)

Let's talk about the bra first. This is the Ohhh Lulu Jasmine bra with foam cups. I sewed up the size XS, the smallest size available. I added the foam by following this tutorial from Amy over at Cloth Habit. The foam insides are finished with black bias tape for a gorgeous look.  Adding this extra step to the insides of the cup makes everything look SO MUCH PRETTIER. I seriously would recommend. 

The back is lined with nude power mesh for extra support and to help the jersey not to stretch out. It makes the bra look and feel extra professional. 

Since I didn't have any hooks and eyes in black, I've decided to just to baste the back together like a bandeau and slip it on over my head. It's working, but since the power mesh is quite firm it's not the easiest thing in the world to slip it over my head, so I might add in some hooks in at a later date. 

Did you notice anything missing from the bra? Like, maybe the straps? Turns out if you make the cups out of foam you won't absolutely need to add straps to keep the bra up. I chatted with Sarah from Ohhh Lulu to find out more about why this is working. Would anyone be interested in a little more detailed information on this?

Moving onto the undies. This is the Lyla Thong from Evie La Luve.  I made a size small, which I'm happy to report isn't the smallest size sold - if you're petite Hannah's size chart will give you plenty of size options to find the right fit.

Can we take a moment to appreciate how difficult it is to photograph a pair of undies and make them look good!? Shout out to all my friends in the lingerie-making business who make this look easy every day, because I certainly struggled with it. 

In other news, this is the first pair of undies I've ever successfully made!

The tension on the elastic is NOT perfect, but I'm getting there. I'm really looking forward to making my next pair. 

What I think set me up for success with this particular pattern was the fact that in the instructions Hannah gives the exact lengths you need to cut your elastic to for proper tension. Removing the guesswork out of the equation really helped me nail this make!

These undies are totally wearable and have inspired me to make a bunch more! 

Using fold-over-elastic (FOE) on the undies has definitely inspired me to use this finish more often, it's truly a beautiful look! I've always thought this elastic type is a little bit more sporty, but in future when I'm going for a feminine look with colour contrast I'll choose FOE. 

I've got so much more stuff to share with you in bra month I wish I could keep it going all year round. Bra making really hooks you in!  Have you made any undies lately? Leave the link below - I would love to see your makes!