Planning a Cohesive, Capsule Me-Made Lingerie Drawer

Like Matching Undies? Here's how I'm planning my capsule me-made lingerie drawer so I'm always matching. 

Hey Friends!

I want to wear matching undies every day because it makes me feel my best. 
Now imagine, how cool would it be to open up your drawers and see a bunch of beautiful pieces that all match perfectly? No matter which items you pick, they all match - even if you're getting dressed in the dark at 6 AM.
Like a capsule lingerie drawer. 

As I've been working on making a brand-new undie wardrobe, I've been doing a lot of thinking about how to make sure all the pieces match together. If you're going to all the trouble of handmaking your undies, why not go the extra mile to make it all cohesive?

This idea has been marinading in my mind for a while and I've finally come up with two separate colour schemes that will each contain a bunch of matching pieces for my undies drawer. Today I wanted to share some tips on how I settled on these colour schemes and which colours I chose in the end! 

Tips for Choosing Colours for your Capsule Lingerie Drawer

What I tried to do for the first few weeks of planning was scour Pinterest for the most beautiful and inspiring bra sets I could find. I figured that once I defined my "bra style" everything else would fall into place. 

It didn't really work out like that. 

While this exercise was really fun, it wasn't particularly helpful for a few reasons. 

  1. My "dream drawer" looks totally different than what my real drawer looks like. My everyday looks need to be much more comfortable and practical than the looks I love on Pinterest - less lace, more foam!
  2. Finding the colours of supplies to match my Pinterest picks seemed impossible, especially on a low-budget. 
  3. All of my favourite bras used elastics in colours I couldn't find in-stores, so I would have to dye them to match, and I just am not inclined to start trying that yet. One thing at a time, you know?

So I decided to try something else. Instead of looking for outside inspiration I decided to take a look inside... 

Inside my lingerie stash bag!

I've talked pretty extensively about this beloved bag before, but this little grocery bag holds all my lingerie-suitable scraps for potential future projects. 

My goal has always been to use as much as I could from this bag, I never really took a hard look at the contents and tried to organize them together into collective groupings that paired well together. 

So I emptied it all out onto the floor and started grouping fabrics together that might work. I then went out and supplemented these groupings with some scalloped lingerie lace to tie it all together. 

I'm really happy with the final groupings I ended up with, and here's why

  1. Since in order to make it into the scrap bag I need to have already sewn something with the fabric, everything in this bag is well-loved AND looks good on me in practice. 
  2. Since I naturally tend to gravitate to shades that suit my cool-winter colouring, natural groupings within the stash bag became pretty apparent
  3. Since I decided I was only going to be using elastics in white, black, and nude (aka, the only colours I can find in stores) they lead the way to discovering my colour palette. 

So, what are my Capsule Me-Made Lingerie Drawer Colours?

Like I mentioned earlier I ended up settling on two groupings. 

The first group includes whites, blues, and greens. This set was largely inspired by this incredible piece of chiffon I have leftover from a top I botched pretty badly in my first few years of sewing. Here are some of the fabrics I hope to pair this set with later on!

The second group includes blacks, deep reds, and leopard. I knew I wanted to use black elastics on this red lace bra I was working on since it would match better than white, and this colour combo inspired this whole collection! I might also introduce some brighter reds into this set at a later date, because I think other than clashing with the deep red, it will match everything else perfectly. Alternatively, I might just expand this grouping to be my jewel tones collection and bring in some emerald, amethyst, and sapphire hues. 

Do you theme your lingerie sewing?

I'm curious, do you theme your lingerie sewing as well? Let me know if there are any other colour schemes I'm missing out on! While these colour schemes are just a starting point for me now, I'm a little bummed that I couldn't find a way to sneak emerald into the mix - so don't be surprised if I'm back soon with another colour collection to guide my makes!