Favourite Maker Fridays

Favourite Maker Fridays only on The Wild Stitch Blog! Use the hashtag #FavouriteMakerFriday for a chance to be featured!

Hi Friends!

I am so excited to introduce you to a new series on the blog today, Favourite Maker Fridays. I want to showcase a favourite sewing blogger project every single Friday to end the week off on an inspiring note.

My goal for 2016 is to really grow this blog to be less about my makes, but more about growing a community of makers. Don't get me wrong, I still want to share my own projects here, but my focus by in doing so will be to inspire and support other makers. 

I'm only 20, and I've been sewing for four years. Although there are a lot of great communities and resources online for young people who want to sew, I think teenagers and young adults still make up a minority of the online community. So by starting Favourite Maker Fridays, I'm hoping to share lots of great content thats fashion forward and will appeal to my fellow young people.  I want to show makes that are super trendy and fashion forward!

If you're interested in submitting one of your makes to Favourite Maker Fridays, you can use the submit form below, or use the hashtag #FavouriteMakerFriday on Instagram! Depending on what everyone's level of interest is, I'm thinking about also creating a group board on Pinterest where everyone can pin their makes!

The first Favourite Maker Friday is coming this friday, I cant WAIT to share it with you!

Until next time, 


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