The Best of Lekala - Tops

Hi Friends, 

After posting my first Lekala make, the perfect shift dress, I saw a lot of interest from you guys in seeing some more Lekala makes! This is SO awesome because given the way my shift dress turned out I can't wait to try some more.

If you haven't heard of Lekala yet, they make custom sewing patterns that are tailored to your measurements. The idea behind this is to eliminate a lot of the pesky fitting issues that can come along with sewing standard sewing patterns. Although I can't guarantee their pattern making system will work for everyone, after seeing how effortlessly my shift dress fit I am certainly curious about this line. 

It also helps that the patterns only cost $3. (Yes. You're seeing that right). 

The only thing I don't really like about Lekala is that they're confusing. Not to hate, but everything they do is a little confusing. Instructions are slim to none, their website organization is a little overwhelming (so.many.patterns), and their pattern art can sometimes leave little to be desired. 

Screenshot (39).png

.... lol, what is this?

Given my current obsession with their patterns, I decided to take on the burden of sifting through hundreds of their patterns to bring you my top trendy picks. This was all done selflessly for you guys, and not because I wanted an excuse to dream up sewing projects all day (maybe that's a lie). 

This post contains all of my favourite top/blouse patterns. If you're curious about trying Lekala, here are some cool places to start! All images contain the pattern numbers, and links are down below. 

All images are courtesy of Lekala Patterns, seriously, check them out!


The Best Lekala Patterns