Handmade Gifts for Him with Morgan from Thread Theory // EP11

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Guys, we are 26 days out from Christmas. 

Have you gotten started on your handmade gifts yet?

I admit, I'm a little behind this year. So far I've gotten the pattern and fabric I need for my boyfriend's gift, but have yet to start sewing it. Hopefully sometime when finals are over I'll be able to whip up his sweater and not leave it too much until the last minute!

If you're still in the planning stages of your Christmas sewing and are in need for some ideas, we're here to help! Today on the Maker Style Podcast Morgan has come on the show to share her top five handmade gift ideas for the men in our lives. Morgan is the pattern-making genius behind Thread Theory, a pattern company that specializes in timeless, quality, and extremely wearable menswear designs. She is THE expert in menswear sewing, so I know you're just going to love the amazing tips she has to share. 

PLUS: If you're listening to this episode the day it comes out, Monday, November 28th, all of Thread Theory's Patterns are 50% off to help you get your Holiday sewing started with a deal. 

Being the incredibly sweet person she is, Morgan has curated a whole bunch of past men's gift-making resources she's written in the past to make sure we all have as much information as possible before diving into our projects. She basically wrote the show notes for me with all of the bonus information she provided, so check them out, they're extra good this week. 

Gee, I need Morgan to come help me do this every week ;)

In addition to selling patterns, Thread Theory also has plenty of supplies for sale to help you make beautiful menswear pieces. If you need any fabric or notions, I would recommend you give them a peek. The gorgeous fabrics in the photo above are all hers!

I totally capitalized on this amazing Thread Theory sale to purchase a new pattern for Wyatt that I might use towards doing Morgan's fourth gift idea. Do you think you're going to try any of these out? If you do, show me by using the hashtag #MakerStylePodcast on Instagram - hearing from you guys is my FAVOURITE part of the podcasting process!

Until next time!