Smashing Fear and Starting a Sewing Small Business with Laura from Handmade Hub // EP10

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When was the last time you started something new?

Something so new, it really scared you?

Today we're going to be talking about how to smash the fear associated with starting a sewing small business with the wonderful Laura from Handmade Hub. Right now Laura's in the middle of a super fun world trip, and while she's off scouting the world she's also working on the beginning of starting her own sewing small business. We chat about the scary stuff that comes along with the beginning, and what Laura is doing to work past it in hopes of achieving wonderful, wonderful things in the future. 

I really applaud Laura's raw honesty in this episode. Speaking as a recovering perfectionist, it can be really hard to tell the world about something new you're working on in the very beginning. What if you fail? What if no one likes your idea? What if you don't follow through with what you said you would? What if you change your mind?

Laura smashed all these questions right out of the park by coming onto the show and sharing what life is looking like in the VERY BEGINNING stages of an idea. Her gumption is admirable, and I wish her the best of luck with her business. 

Even if you're not starting a sewing small business tomorrow, this episode is filled with valuable life advice. It comes down to navigating the journey with courage in the face of fear, and the words that Laura has for us today can be applied to your life no matter what's in store for you. 

And, if I haven't sold you on giving this episode a listen so far, just know that Laura has the loveliest New Zealand accent ever. So nice to listen to, guys. So nice. 

Before we jump into the episode, here are five fast facts about Laura!

Favourite place to vacation?
This is a hard one especially after spending a year travelling and seeing so many amazing places but One place I would go back to in a heat beat is Spain. Sand, Sun and Sangria makes up my perfect vacation. 

Favourite thing to order at a restaurant?
Chocolate brownie...I honestly can't go past this option a menu no matter what the other options are. I would hate to think how many I have eaten over this year!! 

Favourite fabric of all time?
I brought a lovely black and white leopard print silk chiffon from Mood Fabrics in New York last January and I'm so nervous to cut into it as I absolutely love it... I really should have brought the roll!! 

Favourite pattern? 
Usually I make my own patterns, but with limited space and equipment while travelling I got into purchasing some PDF patterns this year. I am really loving the Kielo Wrap Dress Pattern by Named Clothing. I have made it so many times and currently working on altering it into a spaghetti strap version- maybe this is what I will finally allow my Mood fabric to be used for. 

Favourite make you’ve ever created?
I am guessing it should really be my Wedding dress but to be honest a year ago I made a Lambs Leather draped front jacket and spent a lot of time perfecting the fit and working with leather, which is not the easiest and I love it and have worn it so many times while travelling. It's taught me to take time to create well made, well fitted items that will stand the test of time in my wardrobe.

Laura has been a huge supporter of the Maker Style Podcast, and it was absolutely lovely to steal some of her lovely, sunny personality for a little bit to chat. I know you guys are just going to love this episode. 

So, back to my earlier question, are any of you guys in the midst of starting something right now? Sewing or not? Let me know! Use the hashtag #MakerStylePodcast to join in on the conversation and to be featured on Instagram!

Until next time!