An Open Discussion on Re-Branding

Why make hard decisions yourself when you can pass them off to other people? (just kidding) (not really) (Please send help)

Hey Friends!!

I wanted to chat with you today about something non-sewing related that I've been thinking about for a while now, and since it concerns you guys (and this blog) I figured I would open up my internal conversation to everyone - enjoy a sneak peak into the mind of Rachel and stuff. 

So, if you feel so inclined, stick around and hear my dilemma then let me know what you think I should do down in the comments. 

The name, The Wild Stitch, was something I started using on Instagram in the summer of 2015 when I wanted to join in Rachel from House of Pinhero's sew photo hop. I thought it was a cute, friendly name for an Instagram account, and would grow really well into a blog if I wanted to at a later date - but that's all I could see as far as future "expansion". 

*Saying the word expansion makes me sound so corporate, but y'all know what I mean.

Anyways, fast forward to the summer of 2016. I'm commuting three hours every day for an internship (so.much.driving) while listening to podcasts and got the great idea to launch my own. I had no idea how successful this venture would be so I initially planned to launch 10 episodes, one every week, to make up a "season" and follow up if there was interest. That way I had an out if it was a total flop, you know?

I really struggled to name the show. It was a huge internal debate between naming it "The Wild Stitch Podcast" or something more SEO-Friendly that might appeal to a broader audience, like "Maker Style". As I'm sure you guys know, in the end I decided to go with Maker Style, and I did that largely because it makes it really clear what the show is about, handmade style. It immediately differentiates itself from other sewing podcasts (that I totally love) who focus on other aspects of sewing, like kids stuff or quilting. I wanted my show to fit in a niche, and wanted the name to reflect that. "The Wild Stitch" is fun, but totally vague. 

Turns out there was a lot of interest, and pretty much the day after I launched the show I knew the idea of putting out "seasons" wasn't going to work for me. People loved the show (yay!) and I really want to try and keep putting out weekly episodes for a long, long time. A lot of new readers have been finding my blog, The Wild Stitch, through the podcast, and I'm foreseeing that the show might grow to be my largest traffic driver and most recognizable part of my brand. 

So that brings us to today and the email I got saying my domain was going to expire in the new year. In the last month and a half I've really felt stuck in the middle of these two identities, on Instagram I'm The Wild Stitch, podcast listeners know me as Maker Style. It's been a lot to keep up with. 

Not to mention, if having these two identities is tricky already, what's going to happen when I add more fun things to my blog/podcast brand? Will it be named under the "Maker Style" umbrella? The Wild Stitch? Or something totally different? If two names is hard, what the heck will balancing three names feel like?

I'm not sure. 

A huge part of me thinks that ditching The Wild Stitch identity might be the easiest option. Switching everything to Maker Style wouldn't be too hard, and then from here on out everything can be Maker Style. I hope that by now most of the blog readers will know what the Maker Style podcast is, even if they're not into listening to it, so it would be an obvious choice. 

On the other hand, though, I can't be totally sure that everyone would know that everyone would make the connection that "Maker Style" is replacing "The Wild Stitch" without doing anything to communicate that. Switching names would involve a total re-brand, and a lot of awareness-building to make sure no one is confused who this new Maker Style lady is. I wouldn't want people on Instagram, Bloglovin', or just coming here to my website to not know what's going on. 

And not to mention, it's kinda hard to give up The Wild Stitch name. It marks the end of the era and a fundamental shift in the way I'm participating in the sewing community. Maybe I'm ready to move on - I'd like to think I am since there are plenty of other cool projects I would like to take on, but I can definitely feel the growing pains associated with growing out of an old, familiar place. The Wild Stitch had a huge impact on my confidence in both life and in sewing, and it feels weird to leave it behind.

I wish I could keep putting off this decision until an answer becomes more clear, but like I mentioned earlier, my .com is expiring shortly and unless I'm ready to be locked into The Wild Stitch for another year I need to make a decision now. 

So instead of laboring over trying to figure out what would suit my readers the best, I figured I would turn in back to you guys and ask what should I do? What do you think? Does it make sense to move everything to Maker Style? Are you fond of The Wild Stitch? 

I'd love to chat with this in the comments below, and I'll be posting about it on Instagram so if it's easier for you we can talk there, too. 

I would really appreciate any opinions you could shoot my way. 

Thanks guys, love yous.