Classy Spy-Style Turtlenecks (in TWO colours!)

Self Drafted | Rayon Spandex Legging Knit (Black Similar, Grey Similar)


If you guys check out my Instagram stories you've probably seen this basic turtleneck quite a few times. 

That is because I've worn this tee, and it's heathered grey sister, at least 4/7 days a week for the last three weeks straight since I made it. They're a total knockout, guys!

This pattern is something I whipped up really quickly based on my knit sloper. I wanted it to be a super form fitting spy-style turtleneck with a tall, tight neck. I added a limited amount of ease, little bit longer than usual sleeves, and lengthened the sloper hem to hit my hips. 

The end result is the world's comfiest long sleeve shirt. 

I made these turtlenecks in a rayon-spandex legging knit that has amazing four-way stretch, great recovery, and an almost brushed inside finish. What I love about this fabric for this style of shirt is that it really works to smooth and flatter your body. 

Oh yeah!

Not to mention, this material is warm. Super warm. It's going to be really nice and cozy in the Canadian winter. 

(Which is coming fast, by the way, I scrapped ice off my car this morning for the first time this winter... gross)

How have I been wearing these tees? For class I've been loving them with high-waisted jeans (as pictured) and also with my Emerson Crop Trousers. I've also been LOVING these tee's for nights out, which is one of the largest gaps in my wardrobe I was able to identify during Me Made May. I've paired my black turtleneck with a Nascha Mini Skirt two weekends in a row and couldn't be happier with the outcome. The combo of the slightly modest turtleneck with a scandalous mini is AMAZING. 

Whenever I wear this pattern I feel like Lana Kane, or some other sexy spy. 
It's nice. 

So I've ordered another yard of striped black and white jersey from Style Maker Fabrics to make another one. 

How are you guys getting into the turtleneck trend this fall/winter? It's one of the top six trends that Sara and I discussed in Episode Five of the Maker Style Podcast. 

But what I want to know is, do you like your turtlenecks high and tight like these? Loose and cowl-y like this one? Or some other way? Let's talk about it down below!


PS: Tried a new photo location for this shoot, did not like. The tree near my balcony has lost all of it's leaves so now I'm improvising. I hoped it would be more moody and artsy, and less shadows on my face, but alas. I figured that sharing these now in their not-perfect state was better than having nothing to show this week though. Normal looking photos coming soon. xo