How to Start an Indie Pattern Company with Helen from Helen's Closet // EP09

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Hey everyone!

Do any of you have entrepreneurial ambitions? Or an interest in learning what it takes to create all of your favourite indie patterns? Or just a love of listening to two gals geek out about sewing stuff for almost an hour?

If you fit into any of these three groups, you're going to love this episode - Money back guarantee! ;) 

I was so fortunate to have a chance to chat with the WONDERFUL Helen from Helen's closet a few weeks ago to learn all the steps that are involved with releasing an indie pattern from start to finish. Helen shares the resources that have helped her along the way, the lessons she has learnt, and how aspiring pattern designers can be successful in the current market. 

Without a doubt, this is a HUGE topic, and we by no means covered everything in the almost HOUR that we chatted together, but I hope you can learn from and enjoy the information Helen has brought to the show today and use it however you'd like in your sewing practices. 

Taking with Helen was such a blast, I know you guys are going to enjoy the episode. Let me know, though, did we miss any question in the episode you're still left feeling a little curious about? Is there any helpful hints you would like to share with other listeners? Use the hashtag #MakerStylePodcast to join in on the conversation and to be featured on Instagram!

Until next time!