True Blue Ogden Cami

Ogden Cami | Royal Blue Rayon Challis (Similar)

If you're building a handmade wardrobe it's easy to get caught up in the flashy party dresses and fun prints. 

Dramatic floral print maxi dresses? Yes please.

But the sad reality of everyday life is that most people, including myself, spend most of their days wearing basics. So if wearing 100% handmade is important to you, you'll probably have to sew a lot of these basics. 

And that where this pattern comes in. 

This is the Ogden Cami, and for good reason it has taken the sewing blogging world by storm. It's the perfect, easy to sew, versatile woven cami that will go with anything in your wardrobe. 

I've loved my Seamwork Savannah cami (I've made three so far), but it's a fabric eater. The bias cut takes up a huge amount of fabric, and if you're not 100% careful when sewing that baby up you're going to end up with a stretched out mess. It's not an easy sew the way the Ogden cami is - it's a labour of love. A beautiful labour of love that leads to a beautiful end product. 

But sometimes, I don't want to do all this work.

Sometimes I don't want a project that needs that much TLC.

Sometimes I look into my closet and realized I have no camis to layer with this fall and need to sew up about 10 STAT. 

And that's why the Ogden Cami is such a hit. I can sew this up in an hour with only a meter of fabric and be out the door and on with my day in a flash. Having a quick fix like this in my pattern wardrobe is a total game changer

I sewed this one up in a flow-y royal blue rayon challis in size 0, and I'm looking to make a white and black one soon. I was pretty lazy when it came to finishing the insides and serged everything, which I probably won't do in the future. It really prevented me from getting a crisp finish on the V-Neck. Next time I might just try to zig-zag the raw edges to give me more control around the corners. 

The neckline is finished with a partial lining which makes for an easy finish. I did find that the lining was a little short for my liking - hitting around the middle of my bust. I would have preferred for it to be just a little longer so it covered my bust completely and didn't create and unflattering lines across there. This could have been caused by needing a FBA and might work fine for others. Next time I'll lengthen it, but I just thought it might be something you should be aware of if you wanted to make your own. 

This is all I have to say on this make, I hope you enjoyed checking it out! What are some of your other favourite basics patterns? You can never have too many in my opinion. 

Until next time,