Insides-Out Beatrix Blouse

Beatrix Blouse | Rayon Voile

Hi Friends!

I'm coming at you today with a super simple, gorgeously practical make that I'm so excited to share - a second Beatrix Blouse in an amazing, floaty rayon. 

When I bought this pattern as part of my business casual capsule wardrobe I had a hunch it would sneak into my repeat favourites, and I was totally right. This pattern is a knock out. I love the multi-cup sizing and the facings to finish. 

I sewed this version up almost identically to my last version, only made a 3/4 sleeve version instead of a short sleeve. Funnily enough, I didn't use the 3/4 sleeve length included in the pattern. I initially wanted to hack this into a long sleeve, but when I tried it on I realized it looked like a PJ shirt. It must have been a combination of this soft, delicately floaty fabric, and the more boxy fit of this shirt. I just chopped off the sleeves until it started to look like everyday clothes. 

Crisis averted. 

One of my favorite features of this shirt is the facings. Man, I am NEVER going back to bias binding again. The right facing is so flat and flattering while being at least 30 times faster to sew up. Why didn't I try these sooner??

Not easily overshadowed, the shirt-tail hem is still getting some major love from me too. I love the little bit of extra coverage this gives be around my butt - something tells me this will be a go-to during exam seasons when I wear nothing but leggings everywhere.... And during both of my 8 AM classes this fall.

I have no shame when I'm summoned into school that early. 

What makes this make so wonderful is the fabric - Rayon Lawn easily beats out silk as my new all-time favourite fabric. It presses like a dream (although you would never know from the wrinkly condition its in in these pictures), and sews up so crisply it makes me genuinely giddy. 

I loved it so much I bought it full price, 20/M, and only felt a little sad about it. 

And actually, this is the wrong side of the fabric. I liked the way the soft teal showed on the wrong side, so I decided to go with it and call this the insides-out Beatrix!

One thing you should really know about Rayon Lawn if you're debating to sew some up yourself is that it rips incredibly easy. When sewing the plackets together I accidentally caught the body of the shirt, and ended up ripping the backside of the placket in pieces trying to take it out. 

The sewing horror was real. 

I saved the day by wrapping the ripped up placket in some double-fold bias tape, and then stuck that side on the bottom out of sight. It's certainly not pretty from the inside, but I saved the shirt in the end. 

So please, learn from my mistakes and don't rip your makes like a mad woman. 

Stay calm, cool and collected while aggressively seam-ripping your mistakes and I'm sure you'll be fine. 

That's about all I have to say about this weeks make, though. I hope you have enjoyed seeing what I've been up to. 

Have you been making anything great lately? Or has the heat killed your sew-jo?

Until next time,