Organizing PDF Patterns - Your Best Tips

Are your PDF patterns a disaster? Some of my awesome Instagram followers might have a solution for you. 

Hey friends!

So if you follow me on Instagram you probably saw that I posted a picture last week of my new method for organizing my PDF patterns. For the last year, my preferred organizational strategy has been keeping the patterns in a cardboard box, rolled up in tubes with elastic around them. 

I didn't really consciously decide to go with this method. I just moved about a year ago and they're still in the box I moved them here in. 

I guess you could say I chose multi-functional packing materials.

... Or that I just really need to unpack. 

Now, I'm much more sophisticated. About a third of my collection is hanging up in a closet using pant hangers with clips. The other two thirds are still in the dreaded box. 

One day, maybe, I'll find enough hangers that every pattern can have a home.

When I asked for your favourite way of organizing PDF patterns on Instagram I was absolutely blown away by the number and variety of answers I received. Everyone had a different way of tackling this sewing space situation, and I thought it would be really cool to share some of the coolest techniques with you guys! 

So, my friends, here are your favourite ways to organize PDF patterns. 


Jenny is the queen of using really professional sewing techniques in all of her makes, so it's no surprise she uses proper pattern hooks to keep her patterns in line. She sticks all the pieces together with a binder clip before hanging them. 


Miriah also uses some pro-sewing techniques to keep her patterns neat. She transfers her favourites onto muslin to keep them in the best condition - Love it! 


Fiona is a girl after my own heart - she keeps her patterns in a box, too! Fiona has some of the most gorgeous curated fabrics in her shop, I showed my top picks in a favourites post here, but if you haven't already you need to check out her shop. 


Katie is using her mad origami skills from her youth to fold up her patterns into little Manilla folders. I wish I had the patience and skills for that, it would be so practical and easy to store, but I can never fit them back into the envelopes. 


Amanda has probably my favourite idea yet, using wire clothes hangers with clothes pins attached to them. Essentially, she's just making super cheap DIY pant hangers - I'm totally stealing this idea. 


Emma has such a fabulous sewing room! She keeps her patterns organized by hanging them through a nail on her wall - genius! Plus I love the artsy-studio vibe it gives her space. 


Kaine keeps her patterns in order by using binder folders - how cool! She has a picture of this method here.


Anya keeps her patterns rolled up in a tube, stored in a crate. This is exactly how 75% of my stash is right now, and it's super practical, especially if you have limited closet space - but I can never seem to find anything in my box!

I was really shocked by the number of really different ways you guys have to tackle this PDF pattern organizing delimma. If you're looking for a new way to whip your stash into shape I hope one of these many tips is helpful for you - I know I'll be trying out Amanda's cool hanger idea! 

I hope you enjoyed this round-up of the best of your tips! I'll be back tomorrow with a brand new make to show you. 

Until then,