Three Scrap Lexi Chick Boxers

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Do you horde your scrap stash?

I do, probably to a fault.

I'm guilty of saving scraps a few inches big for some project, someday. (Which, let's be honest, I'll never use). 


But, sometimes the hording comes in handy. Take these Lexi Chick Boxers by Evie La Luve for example! Using scraps from leftover projects I've been able to make five (yes, FIVE) pairs of boxer shorts to wear around the house. I basically have a brand new sleep wardrobe and I only had to buy elastic - sewing to save money at it's finest. 

Moments like these are how I justify saving all off the scraps.  


Today I wanted to show you pictures of three of these versions that I've made over the last couple of months, one in a flannel, one in raw silk, and one in a rayon challis. The two that I don't have pictures of were both made of lightweight poly chartreuse. The really cool thing about this pattern is that each of the materials I used are pretty different from each other. Some are lightweight and drapey, some are thick and crisp. But, each of the shorts came out perfectly in it's own unique way - making this pattern extremely versatile! 

I love how easy these shorts come together. It's definitely a pattern that's suitable for beginners. Since there are only two pattern pieces, it's something I can cut up in batches and sew up in assembly-line fashion (explaining how I ended up with five pairs in an afternoon). The size chart ranges between 35.5"-44" hips, and I sewed up a size XS for all of mine. This pattern appears to be an older release from Evie La Luve and her sizing chart has since expanded, so double check with the sizing chart on this pattern before cutting out your usual size from her - on her newer patterns, like the Frankie Panties or Mimi Bikini, I always sew a size S, which in the Lexi Boxers would be too large.  

Something that I think worth celebrating about this pattern is the way that the elastic is sewn into the waistband of these boxers. In a lot of PJ pants, you'll sew a tunnel (or casing) for the elastic and feed it through. I've always found this to be a little fiddly, to be honest. This pattern instructs you to sew the elastic waist similarly to the way you would sew elastic to a bra - sewing the elastic to the inside in one pass, then flipping it over to cover it completely, and sewing it in place. This is such a quick and clever way to add an elastic waist to your projects - I'll definitely be borrowing it again in the future. 


The only fiddly part of this project is sewing the hem. It's got quite a curve where the side seams meet to it so you'll need to take your time pressing it properly to achieve the best results (the black pair above show this really well). If you were hoping to make this project with a beginner, or are looking to make this an even faster sew, I would straighten out that part a bit to make sewing a easier. Regardless, it's still a painless project. 


My lounge wear wardrobe has really been lacking for years - I'm always wearing either a pair of leggings or trackpants with my trusty cozy (but very stretched out) original hemlock tee. Having some new shorts to throw in the mix has really livened things up. Now it's got me thinking of some of the other ways I could boost my comfy-clothes arsenal - maybe I'm due to add a few new sweaters into the mix? That hemlock sweater I mention is actually the very first thing I ever blogged about and it's definitely gotten LOTS of wear over the years!


I've got a few more promising scraps that might just turn into more sleep shorts if I can't squeeze an Odgen Cami out of them - but I'm contemplating trying another one of Evie La Luve's patterns, the Minnie Tap Pants for some variety. Have you guys given that pattern a go? Let me know if you have any suggestions for lounge wear patterns to try!

PS: Can we just talk about how weird it is to take (and post) pictures in little itty bitty pjs? Mad respect to all of the bloggers who routinely take pics of themselves in their Pjs/bras/undies so we can see the patterns on real people even though it feels awkward to the post pictures.