How I Organize my Lingerie Elastics

Stop the Chaos! Organize your Elastics Today!

Hey everyone!

Do you have a knot of elastics in your sewing space that looks an awful lot like this?

I used to. 

Check out this tutorial below to see how I organized this mess into neat little cards and made messy lingerie supples a thing of the past

How I Organize my Elastics

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Step 1

Cut a rectangle out of a cardboard box - the size is really up to you and the lengths of elastic you have but I recommend somewhere between 2"-4".

Step 2

Cut a small incision, about 1/2" on both short ends. 

Step 3

Thread the elastic through the cut in the cardboard, and wrap the piece around the width of the cardboard. 

Step 4

Take the end of your elastic length and tuck it into the other cut in the cardboard - now both ends are secured and the elastic will stay put around its holder!

What I like so much about this particular method of organization is that the elastic stays in place easily because of the incisions. Not to mention, it's super easy to unhook one of the ends, unravel as you sew, cut, then tuck the new end away with no need to unravel the whole roll. 

I hope this little mini tutorial was helpful for you! It's incredibly simple, but it's making my sewing space a whole lot cleaner for sure.

Let me know, how do you organize your lingerie sewing supplies?