Me Made May - Lessons Learnt from Week One

Hi everyone! 

What a week. I had friends from the other side of the country come and stay, sewed like crazy for my Business Casual Capsule, and moved back home to start my internship. 

I am so ready for bed. 

But before I sign off for the week I wanted to take a chance to reflect on my Me Made May progress so far. Truthfully, since I wear handmade to class almost every day I wasn't expecting to run into a whole lot of challenges wearing handmade for an entire month.



What I failed to take into account was that now that I'm out of school my clothing needs have changed. Sure, my three Scout Tees are great for running arrends, but what do I wear to the bar on a Friday night? This week I scraped together a few me made outfits for parties, but nothing I was exceptionally proud of.  

Me Made May has barely started, but I already have learnt that I need more impractical, special occasion clothing, which is the exact opposite of what I expected to find. Clearly there is a gap in my wardrobe, and it is going to be SO FUN to fill. 

So tell me, what are some super cute party patterns? I need some night out inspiration!

Until next time,


Rachel A.2 Comments