Sewing Business Casual Capsule Wardrobe - Planning Patterns

A roundup of the BEST business casual sewing patterns out there. Click through to check it out!

Hi Friends!

Hows everyone doing? I feel like its been ages since we've talked and I've got so much to tell you. 

This last month has been busy, guys. But a good busy. I've completed the first year of my degree, got my full license, and landed my first big girl summer internship. A real, totally exciting internship! YAY!

It goes without saying that I'm super excited to start this new chapter in my life. This job is totally perfect for me. But another reason why I'm super excited to start this job is the business casual dress code. Needing work clothes is the perfect excuse to sew work clothes. 

So that's going to be my project for the next couple of weeks while I'm waiting to start this new job. 

I'm trying to use a limited pattern stash as creatively as possible when sewing up this new wardrobe so I don't break the bank. I've spent some time putting together a round-up of the BEST business casual patterns out there for building a capsule work wardrobe. If you're looking to refresh your office style in time for Me Made May, this post is a great place to start!

MUST HAVE Business Casual Patterns

Grainline's Morris Blazer
For obvious reasons, a chic blazer is my first wardrobe must-have. I debated back and forth between this pattern and the cropped blazer from Salme for a while, but ultimately went with Morris because of how well Jen's patterns have worked for me in the past. I'm hoping to sew up some cute blazers I can layer, and since its unlined I think I'll try my hand at finished the insides with Hong Kong seams! Floral bias tape is a must.

Delia Create's Pleated Pencil Skirt
Pencil skirts: Totally classic, totally necessary. Although I'm sure it would be easy enough to draft my own pencil skirt pattern, I really wanted a strong set of instructions to walk me through how to line the garment properly. Truthfully, since I sew a lot of casual wear I don't do a whole lot of lining, and I'm not too familiar with how to add them the right way. I've already started on this pattern and I'm really happy I invested in it, the drafting is great and the instructions are super clear, inserting that lining was easy as pie!

Made by Rae's Beatrix Blouse
If you've stumbled on my little blog before I'm sure it comes as no surprise to you that I purchased the Beatrix blouse made it into my must-haves. I'm really obsessed with woven tee patterns, and I've had by eyes on this multi-cup sized beauty for a while. I mentioned some of the other woven tee's on my wishlist here, but chose the Beatrix in the end because I wouldn't need to do a FBA. I plan on sewing up a few of these shirts according to the pattern, then hacking a few versions by adding a yoke. This is something that's truly versatile, and is a MUST in any wardrobe. 

Sew Over It's Ultimate Trousers
Wearing pants is really important, but lets just keep it real, I'm terrified of this pattern. I've never sewn pants before because seems like a fitting nightmare, but I decided to take the plunge on this project when I remembered how much I hate pants shopping. I have the absolute hardest time buying pants since I'm pretty twiggy and curveless plus I need a tall length inseam. There's about a 0% chance I'll find a nice fitting pair of pants in-store, so DIY it is! I chose this pant pattern in particular because there's no fly, just a zipper on the size. 


Sewaholic's Oakridge Blouse
This blouse is feminine and appropriate for summer - win, win! This pattern made the cut over a more traditional button up because its nice to have a softer look for spring. I'm hoping to sew a few of these up without the bow, and with a different hacked sleeve options! 

With these five patterns I'm hoping to sew up a few full suits with nicer blouses I can swap in and out as needed. What you may have noticed is that there aren't any dresses included in this round up, don't worry, they'll have their own time to shine soon! 

In the next post, I'll walk you through my fabric choices and where I've been finding my fibers. 

I can't wait to show you how this is coming together!

Until next time,