Handkercheif Peplum - Sewing Business Casual

This DIY shirt is SO EASY to make! Click through for all the sewing details.

Hi Friends!

As I mentioned here, I’m working on sewing a business casual capsule wardrobe for my summer internship.

It's a big task! But I think I’m making strong progress towards having an awesome set of basics to mix and match this summer, starting with this AMAZING peplum top.

I’m speedy, y’all.

This peplum shirt is so EASY to DIY. Click through for details!

This top is a hacked version of the Marbella Dress from Itch to Stitch. Full disclosure, I didn’t purchase this pattern, it was sent to me so I could blog about it over on the ITS blog. Regardless, I have been eyeing this pattern for a while. I loved the multi-cup princess seams and the option for a contrasting yoke, so obviously I couldn’t wait to hack this pattern to bits.

The yoke is sewn up in the most GORGEOUS lace I’ve ever seen, a super pricey daisy lace that was over $20 a meter. I had been stalking the price of this beautiful fabric for at least a year, waiting for it to dip in price a little bit. Finally, I snagged it on sale when my local Fabricland closed in March and only needed .3m for the yoke.

I also bought a meter of the same fabric in blue to make a summer tee... #FabricAddict.

In my defense, the store was closing. If I didn’t buy it then and there I might never be able to find it again!

This peplum shirt is so EASY to DIY. Click through for details!

The body is a poly-crepe I also scored for cheap during that Fabricland closing sale. In hindsight, I totally should have underlined it to give it some more body. Oh well, sewing is all about enjoying making things and worrying about being perfect later.

Probably the most impressive part of this top, though, is the peplum. Look at those fantastic, dramatic style lines! I’m in love with unique look this handkerchief hem gives this shirt. Let’s face it, we’ve seen a lot of circle skirts in the last few years, and while they’re still super cute I’m feeling ready for a new silhouette. This is a great update that keeps the peplum shirt looking fresh.

If you’re just as in love with this super awesome peplum as I am I wrote an in depth tutorial on how to achieve this look over on the Itch to Stitch Blog! You can check it out here.

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