Sweet Gingham Wrap Midi Skirt


Hey Friends!

Is there a lot of great sewing things going on this month in the bloggosphere or what? From Canada Cups to the Ginghamalong there is so much awesome inspiration to be found lately!

It's been hard keeping up with all the fun, but I was able to photograph and write a little bit about my entry for the Ginghamalong just in the knick of time! I quickly snapped some pictures of this skirt after school last night, so it's a little wrinkle-y, but I was running out of time to share it - the deadline for the contest entry is TODAY! 

The wrinkles are just a sign of being well-loved anyways, right?

I self-drafted this midi skirt with an adorable cotton large-scale gingham print I hauled here. You might have seen on my Instagram story that I was making if for my first day back to school, and since then I've worn it three more times! I was worried that the wrap skirt might get a little dangerously scandalous, but the midi-length gives me plenty of coverage. I'm seriously obsessed with the midi-length! 

This skirt was an experiment in self drafting, and for my next version I plan to do a few things differently. I originally planned to add a waist band, but it ended up being a little too bulky and removed it. The facing I added to replace it could have been a little more even across the top, and I think the snaps could be moved a little further to the back.

But for a figuring-it-out-as-you-go kinda make, I'm super pleased! 

There's not really a whole lot more to share on this make, but I'm thinking I might post a tutorial sometime soon. What do you think? Let me know!

Until next time,