The Role of Print

Hi Friends!

I am a serious fan of electronic everything. PDF sewing patterns, e-books, you name it. I love being able to reduce the clutter in my home by storing everything I need on my hard drive.

As we continue on in the digital age, the trends seem to say that physical printed materials are falling out of favour. Everything worth having seems to be available online.

For this reason, I have been shocked to see the amount of printed-only book releases that have been launched within the last few months. The first major release that comes to mind is Boundless Style, Victory Pattern's first print-only sewing book. Another notable release is Seamwork Annual, a print-only book that showcases the best Seamwork Magazine articles this year, including some exclusive content. Even though their magazine is exclusively available online, the annual compilation is strictly available in a physical copy.

In 2015, it surprises me that the most highly anticipated holiday releases are only available in print, especially since both these brands have been built off their online presence. Why are these brands moving away from the medium that has brought them so much success? What does this say about our preferences as consumers?

These new releases are being put out by some of the most successful indie brands in the business, so I'm sure they have a strategy as to why they these new releases are print-only; but as a consumer, the reasoning isn't obvious.

Are consumers moving away from digital materials? Are print materials just more popular for the holidays, and digital releases will come back into style come January?

I'm curious to see if the re-introduction of printed materials will continue on in 2016. Will we continue to see more pattern-makers releasing print-only materials? What will happen to the digital files so many people know and love?

I'm excited to follow this trend to see where the industry is moving because only time will tell what the future will hold! Why do you think some of the most exciting holiday releases this year are print only? Join the conversation in the comments down below!