Winter Wardrobe Planning - Part 1, Fabric Haul

12226620_10200960045401153_151587121_nHi Friends!

I ended up writing this blog post a week ago, right after I did some serious shopping damage at the Fabricland members sale. In the age of cloud computing, I completely forgot to save it (Really, who has to save things anymore? Google Docs will do it for you), and lost the whole post.

Total bummer.

The funny thing is, when I logged on today to write this post (again), I see that WordPress has been updated to auto save your draft posts. Super cool, but where was this a week ago, guys!? Ugh.

Anyways, I digress. Let's talk about fun things, like buying your whole winter wardrobes worth of fabric, mkay? 12233437_10200960046041169_274157973_n Fabricland had their members sale last weekend. I visited a new Fabricland location and was super impressed by all the fashion-forward prints they had in stock. Fabricland is hands-down my favourite local fabric store, but sometimes their stock doesn't quite live up to their slogan, "Sew your way into the 21st Century!". It can get a little old-school in there, but I found a lot of awesome fabrics this time around I'd love to share with you!

And to all my lovely international readers, I'm not kidding. "Sew your way into the 21st Century" really is their slogan.

Without any more tangents, here's a look at all the awesome things I picked up, and the price breakdown!

12226302_10200960045761162_1183391191_n12233512_10200960045721161_2089293892_n Fabric Find: Black Crepe, 100% Poly. Deal: 3/1, $12 total for 3m of fabric. This black crepe was a total steal. It's a little thicker than any other crepe I have ever purchased, and almost has a slightly slubbed look to it. There are no specific plans in mind for this fabric because it's a total workhorse in my stash! In the past, I've used black crepe as a lining and as the main fabric. It's so versatile!

12248626_10200960045561157_1047867663_n12243956_10200960045481155_199510121_n Fabric Find: Maroon... Crepe? 100% Poly. Deal: 50% off, $12 for 2m of fabric. This maroon yardage is completely beautiful! When I saw it I immediately thought holiday dress. I have no idea what exactly this fabric is, though, any ideas? To me, it feels exactly like the thicker black crepe I showed above, but I'm hesitant to call it that because there was no information offered on the bolt.

12248748_10200960045201148_202472780_n12248733_10200960045681160_644439677_n Fabric Find: Black and White Chiffon Grid Print, 100% Poly. Deal: 3/1, $12 for 3m of fabric. This print has been so incredibly trendy this season, and I'm ready to add some of it to my wardrobe. With three whole meters of it in my stash, I'm going to have a lot of options! I think this pairs really well with the black crepe I showed above, I can use the black crepe to back the chiffon and make it a little less transparent. I'm envisioning this print on a beautiful kimono, and maybe a cute boxy tank top.

12226869_10200960045241149_1890864225_n12231443_10200960045361152_1339780017_n12233222_10200960045161147_2085837613_n Fabric Find: Luxe Floral Knit, 100% Poly.  Deal: 50% off, $12 for 2m of fabric. This fabric is an absolute show stopper. It's a plush, luxurious and deliciously soft knit. I'm not exactly what type of knit it is, but I'm in love. A part of me really wants to turn this into an Anthropologie inspired long sleeve winter maxi dress with a wrap top. But then the other part of me is horrified by this idea, is it too bold? Will I ever wear it? Could I wear it to class? I guess we'll have to see where the fabric takes me!

I hope you guys have enjoyed taking  a look through my fabric stash! Does anyone else have any overly ambitious winter sewing plans? Check back next week to see my design sketches!

Until next time,


PS: Although this baby doesn't belong here, I couldn't resist showing you guys. Look at this home dec. beauty. It's going to  be featured in a DIY project I'm working on over the Christmas holidays! Get excited guys. 12231518_10200960046001168_2097503157_n

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