Behind the Scenes of Creating the Cora Sewing App with Hélène // EP02


I can't get enough of rad girl bosses who are breaking out of the mold and doing amazing things. 

Hélène, our guest today on the Maker Style Podcast, is one of those girl bosses. 

She's a software developer (YAY women in STEM!!) who left everything behind with her husband to live, work, and travel the world as nomads (so cool!!). She spent a couple of months developing a sewing app, Meet Cora, from scratch in her spare time, and she's on the show today to tell is a little bit about what that process was like. 

 Hélène is so amazing at breaking down the extremely technical parts of building an app into easy-to-understand little tidbits of information that you DEFINITELY DO NOT need a background in computer science to understand. It was such an interesting chat where I picked up a little bit of an understanding about making an app I wouldn't have found on my own. She also told me lots about what the Cora app can do for sewists. When we were filming this I was in a little bit of a time crunch to get to class on time, but we could have talked for hours. She's a wealth of information, and I know you guys are going to LOVE this episode. 

So take a listen! You'll learn something really interesting, I promise. 

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- Good Barber is a great resource for creating your own app without coding.

- Sewing Cat is a fun apple app to try!

- If you're a member, check out Hélène's article on app development on Craft Industry Alliance.

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