Organizing your Sewing Plans with Anya from Anna Zoe Sews // EP01


Without a doubt, Anya is the queen of sewing organization. 

If you're a type-A kinda person who loves organizing, planning, and spreadsheets much more than any rational person ever should than you're going to LOVE my chat with Anya.
Anya is a really sweet sewing blogger from Calgary with crazy in-depth sewing planning system, involving multiple Pinterest boards and multiple spreadsheets. In this episode she talks about her system, what some of the benefits of planning your sewing are, and gives some tips on how a beginner can start planning.

We've included her speadsheet system for you guys to download if you want to give her method a try. We know a multi-spreadsheet approach might not be everyone's cup of tea, but we still hope you can pick up a few tips from our chats today! 

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Download Anya's Planning System

The Master-Planning Spreadsheet


Anya's Pinterest Boards:
Core Style
Style that Appeals to Me

Anya's Favourite Wardrobe Planning Resources: 
Colette's Wardrobe Architect
(I'm also quite fond of Unfancy's Capsule Planner and Style Bee's Closet Mission

Anya's Favourite Places to Find Fabric:
Blackbird Fabrics

Anya's Favourite Places to Find Patterns:
The Fold Line
Indie Sew (PS: If you like Indie Sew, tune in for EP04!)

Patterns Anya is Pretty Jazzed about:
True Bias Emersons
Sewaholic Thurlows
Grainline Lark
Seamly Basic Tee (Sara from EP03 loves this tee too, check out her dress hack!

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