Welcome to Maker Style // EP 00

Welcome to Maker Style!

I am so excited to have you here listening with me today. My name is Rachel and this is the creative lifestyle podcast for passionate, daring women who love to make beautiful things. We chat about small business, blogging, and lots and lots of sewing. 

I want listening to the Maker Style Podcast to feel like sitting down for a coffee and chat with your girlfriends who are just as passionate about making beautiful things as you are. So grab a coffee, or a tea, or maybe even some wine - who am I to judge - and settle in for a fantastic first episode!

Loving Maker Style so far?

This week we're launching with a bang, bringing you three interview episodes to get your binge-listening started right away. After the intro, here are the next episodes you should check out next!

Effectively Organizing your Sewing Plans (so you can get MORE done) with Anya from Anna Zoe Sews // EP01

Behind the Scenes of Creating the Cora Sewing App with Hélène// EP02

Easy Tips for Learning to Sew BETTER with Sara from the Sara Project // EP03

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