Bra Making Month: What I learnt from Sewing a Bra a Week with Emerald Erin // EP19

Emerald Erin

Ever wonder what you would learn from sewing one bra a week for a whole year?

A while ago, Erin (otherwise known as Emerald Erin), dedicated to try it and find out. Today on the show we're going to talk about what she's learnt from the process so you don't have to go out and make a bra every week - unless you want to, in which case, go for it girl! 

I wanted to feature Erin in some way or another because it was her blog that really got me into bra making. I followed her bra-a-week challenge religiously while it was happening and stalk her online store on Etsy all the time.

Sunday afternoon tea and reading Emerald Erin's weekly blog post is pretty much a routine for me now. Some may say this is a weird addiction, but others will just say I'm a fan - Let's go with the latter, ok?

Erin and I live close to each other (well, relatively speaking in the grand scheme of the world) and are around the same age, so naturally chatting with her just felt like kicking back with an old friend and talking bra stuff - it was so much fun! I know you're going to really enjoy hanging out with us today. 

I'm hoping this summer to make the trip up to see her in her shop and to do another collab while we're together. Let me know if you have any ideas for what we should do! 

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Erin and I have teamed up before - for more information on her business and more of me gushing about how much I LOVE Erin check out this interview.  

Erin's blog is an incredible resource for anyone who's looking to get into bra making. This "Exposing the Unders" free PDF guide is an awesome way to figure out what components exist in a RTW bra you're trying to copy. 

Erin has a physical studio in Belleville, Ontario (See, again, Ontario IS the indie bra making capital of the WORLD) and an online store on Etsy. 

One thing that stands out to me about Erin's shop is that she has a super-extensive selection of underwires and lots of information on her blog to help you pick the right one for your project. She even sells fitting kits, how cool is that? Plus, with the exception of one of the Madalynne+Simplicity kits that's designed for a bra without underwires, all of her bra kits contain FREE underwires. 

We mention some of Erin's beautiful bra makes during the show, including her grey bra, wickable bra, snow white bra, and Madalynne+Simplicity bras.

Some of the fabrics that Erin thinks are the most underrated in the bra-making world are wickable knits and bra tulle - luckily she sells kits using both, so if you're interested in giving them a try it's super easy to do so!

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