Bonus Episode: Tips for Sewing Your Dream Coat with Heather from Closet Case Files // EP18

Closet Case Files

Heather Lou makes patterns that intimidate me - jeans, coats, bathing suits. 

Today on the show Heather is going to tell me, quite frankly, why they shouldn't.

Heather is the designer behind Closet Case Files, an indie pattern company that specializes mostly in offering "more involved" sewing projects that will grow your sewing practice, but also a few lovely basics that are great to have in your collection. 

She's the genius behind the Ginger Jeans - the pattern that, in my humble opinion, completely introduced jean making onto the indie sewing radar. 

For obvious reasons, she seemed like the perfect guest to have on the show to talk about another type of more involved sewing project I'm sure you listeners would love to learn more about: Coat making. 

Get ready for an awesome, informative episode all about making something wonderful to bundle up in this winter! I know you're going to leave this episode feeling inspired and empowered to take on a sewing project you've never considered before - I sure did!

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Show Notes

Some of the patterns we mentioned during our chat today are the Claire Coat, Kelly Anorak, and Ginger Jeans

Some of the fabric stores Heather mentions are Mood, Britex, and Blackbird Fabric

There are so many AMAZING tips for coat making in her Claire Coat Sewalong.

Also this Red Kelly Anorak post is a wealth of information - plus it's gorgeous! 

Try adding warmth with Thinsulate or Lambswool. 

Tools that Heather recommends for coat making (and other projects) are a silk organza pressing cloth, a tailors ham, and a seam roll. 

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